Itsgottii also known as Vaughn Williams, is an 18-year-old producer originally from Plattsburg, New York but is currently living in Richmond, Virginia. He’s been producing ever since he was 11. (7th grade)

“I was just so fascinated by how beats were created and how they would later become hit songs on the radio.”

A couple years ago, his dad was a local rapper in an RVA  group known as “mid$outh records” and he would always take Vaughn with him to the studio with his group and he would just observe how everything would come together.

One day after school he just simply typed in on Google “how to make beats.”

“….then later torrented with Fruity Loops 9…got the crack key, then instantly began creating.”

He’s also been using the same FL 9 version since he started.

Later on he told his friends about it and they started coming over and watched him cook up beats, then they started making music.

“From there music became a daily thing. I incorporate a lot of my personal interests into my art.”

He provides a wide variety of production skills. His sound ranges from chill, soft patterns to deep, destructive drums and melodies.

Vaughn has a lively group of people he looks up to and is inspired by. Those including; A Tribe Called Quest, No Limit Records, Andre 3000, Lil B, Lex Luger and lastly, his father.

“Shouts out moms. GLMT, RVA, the whole talibans crew, 2400ss.”


itsgottii is open to collab with anyone and everyone.

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I also go by Andie. I've been writing since I was young, it's kinda my thing. I represent Richmond, Virginia always. I'm just trying to put myself and other people on the map.

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