Kimberly Lopez is an 18-year-old Bronx native, Art Director and Freelance Graphic Designer. When she’s not attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, you can catch Lopez in her current residence, Orlando, Florida.

At the moment, she is working with Senclaire Magazine, creating their merchandise and designs for issues/books. In Savannah, she works as an Art Director for a creative content company called Bckyard. Despite the endless hours Kimberly puts into her jobs, she’s still doing all this for fun and/or commissions.

Her journey began in Summer 2016 when Kimberly posted her illustrations on her Twitter for fun. Soon after that, Norrin, a writer from Senclaire interviewed her about her artwork. Then the founder/editor-in-chief, Jay contacted her to make a cover for his poetry iBook.

“That was my first commission and I was excited as can be.”

After that, she started to create more content and doing more commissions, and everything basically fell into place and became her lifestyle. Eventually, she started to post her work on Instagram, which is where Bckyrd found her.

“…And of course, there were a few bumps in the road, but all in all, I look back in nostalgia and  piece together how everything played out. This is all just the beginning.”

As far as Kimberly’s style, her work is usually minimal. She started with realistic digital portraits that were very bold and bright, then, she started messing around with graphics and album covers. Now she creates collage type designs combined with illustrations. Sometimes she even does illustrations on photography. Kimberly also makes logos, flyers, menus, you name it.

As far as her role for Senclaire Mag, she is their Art Director and Graphic Designer. She also makes photos for posted social media content and designs the merchandise herself. Their magazine is also dropping an iBook issue that she designed and created herself.

For Bckyard,  she was hired to help control the creative side of the business. She started off by making mood boards, writing down ideas/executions, and designing presentations. Later, she started to design graphic content for brands, directing photoshoots, and overall lending a hand to those who handle the business.

“I’m so pumped to grow with this company and truly hope for the best in the future of this.”

Kimberly’s goal is to give her all to these creative companies.

“Regardless of how small, big, recent, classic, or popular, helping a brand grow is heart-warming and enjoyable…”

She is taking the advantage of her being young and ambitious, and being able to conquer as many tasks and responsibilities as possible before she has more to lose in the future.

“The goal is take all these risks now so I can just pick myself up from where I left and try again. You can’t do that when you’re already 25 in your own place with that semi-stable job. You can’t do that when you’ve settled for what you’ve achieved. Improvement is always the goal, it’s what keeps the happiness afloat. Improvement keeps your life in motion and maintains that internal drive.”

Lopez plans on majoring in UX design. She wants a degree that’s insanely diverse. It might be tough for her though, because she wants to move to Atlanta, but her school doesn’t have that major.

“Not sure how to go about this since I don’t want to stay in Savannah for too long, as I feel it might drain me. Atlanta has more opportunities for someone like me.”


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