LIL PERCY is an energetic and positive 18-year-old rapper from Richmond, Virginia. He’s been rapping ever since he was lil LIL PERCY.

“I’ve always been fascinated by this shit, watching other people just spit and I wanted to just do it, so I started doing that shit…”

At first, his music wasn’t so great. Percy was sticking with it though, and he started saying some “hot shit” and he realized his flow was actually nice. His music kept getting better and better, lowkey.


Percy just started performing this year, he had his first show after he graduated in June. He has performed 8 shows to date and has many more to come.

I’ve actually attended 2 of his shows. It doesn’t matter what kind of crowd there is, he always grabs their attention. The vibe in the room changes into a carefree and positive aura. He know’s what the crowd wants and what they’ll enjoy. He hypes them up by already being hype himself. At every show he brings the same positivity and hypeness with him.


Percy is trying to come up with his own sub genre of Hip-Hop.

“I feel like my sound has its own sound so I’ma call it this, Sensational Cloud Music.”

He’s naming it that because it describes his music perfectly. Heavy bass and sounds that activate sensations, and good moods or evil moods sometimes.

“…..but it’s all still a type of cloud to me. Just my own cloud, a pink percy cloud lmao.”


LIL PERCY is heavily inspired by Lil B. His music is the only thing he really listened to in middle school. Percy and his friends gradually started to find out about more artist. He heard SpaceGhostPurrp and loves and respects his music.

“I feel like a lot of people discredit his work when he gave birth to a lot of artists, and I look up to him and what he’s done for the Underground.


LIL PERCY is on fire in Richmond right now, he has so much potential, and is definitely on his way to the top.

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