She was never really good at academics, she did a decent job with her grades, it wasn’t always a struggle. The one thing she did find to be amazing at, was drawing and just being overall creative.

Natalie Ann Hernandez is an eighteen-year-old freelance artist.

“I’ve been making art ever since I could hold a pencil and paintbrush.”

Her school books were full of doodles, rather than actual notes.

Natalie’s mother kept every piece she has ever submitted to a contest since kindergarten.

“For the most part I’m self taught, I didn’t get real serious about making a career out of it until High School.”

While she was in high school, she took college courses in painting, drawing, art history and photography. It wasn’t until then that she began to improve her technique and find her own style.

“I’ve always struggled with realism so my work can mostly be categorized as pop art or surrealism.”

For Natalie, it’s all about line, color, and the reaction she’s going to get from the viewer.

Natalie is mostly inspired by Salvador Dali. Besides the fact of him being an amazing surrealistic artist, and being the most creative artist she’s come to know, he pushed the ideals of art and social boundaries during his time.

“His progression of art from where he started to where he ended is amazing as well.”

She’s also been inspired by her former painting/drawing instructor to push not only social boundaries, but her own boundaries, through her art.


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