Jordan Nathan Foster Savage Schiller (or Nate Savage) is an eighteen-year-old rapper, and clothing designer from Los Angeles, California.

Nate had always made music, when he was younger, he played the drums and made music with his younger brother that played guitar. He always wrote poems or song lyrics, but never any legitimate raps. He didn’t start rapping until he got forced to freestyle in middle school.

“It was so awesome, people were actually vibing out to what I was saying and it felt good to express myself and for people to receive it positively.”

“My music is up to interpretation by the listener. How people choose to feel about my music is what it means, it’s an individual experience.”

Nate just makes music that sounds dope. He tries to incorporate as many styles as he can while staying true to his core.

“If I have to label it though, it’s rap music, I’m a rapper at heart.”

Although he is inspired by a wide range of talented people, he gave me his top five, which include; Kanye West, Schoolboy Q, Childish Gambino, Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper.

He mostly listens to what was listed above including, Travis Scott and MF DOOM.


“Music is everything to me. I met all my friends through making music, I’ve been places only music can take me, and (in my opinion) it’s the purest form of true human nature.”

“Hurt Boys” is his very own clothing line, including crewnecks, hats and much more.

Nate Savage is also dropping a mixtape April 2nd, be on the lookout.

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