Quinn Harris is a twenty-three-year-old artist from Pasadena, California.

“I’ve done art ever since I put a crayon in my hand, which was as far as I can remember (probably Kindergarten).”

Quinn has family and friends that encouraged him to pursue art at a young age, so he continued this craft of his throughout his life. Art has always been his talent and hobby, even though he spent most of his adolescence and college career as a football athlete.

“Once I graduated from UC Davis, I decided to pursue art as a career. In college, my girlfriend Danielle supported me post-football season: during this time I developed my ideas of qzye as an artist. She encouraged me to start creating digital art by giving me my first iPad and customized “qzye” stylus pens.”

Since his graduation, he’s been trying to better himself, improving his artistic skill set, and focusing on branding himself on social media outlets.

“I would describe my work as the qzye_view (kü-zī, pronounced kooz-i).”

He likes to bring the ideas in his head to life through art and share them with people.

Quinn’s most recent medium and commonly used form of art is digital art on his iPad Pro. With using an Apple Pencil and an app called Procreate, it looks like he gets the job done.

The top three words Quinn uses to describe his work are: free, unique, and personal. Usually the ideas he has stem from something, a feeling or a mood in that moment.

“My art is a reflection of my ‘view’ or outlook of my own reality. Art is just one of those things that gives me something to do; keeps me going. It’s like my water.”

His family has always told him to continue pursuing art and drawing.

“My biggest inspiration is my grandma (and she doesn’t even know it) because as a young boy, she sat me up on her  lap and read me Sunday comic strips. This was the biggest thing that got me into art: I used to want to make comics.

Even though we a know he’s a spectacular artist, Quinn is still in the process of figuring out his art.

Eventually, he would like to create a comic series/animation with original characters from his own imagination.

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