Born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, Roxana Madjd is a 20-year-old hyper-realistic artist. Hyper-realism is known as a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. Aside from being an artist, Madjd is a student at VCU in Richmond, Virginia with intentions in going into Communication Arts to get into Illustration or Creative Directing. She also does freelance commissions, on the side, while working to expand her portfolio.


Roxana has been an artist ever since she was a child. Her mom and her sister were both artist. Basically, this runs in the family.

“I was influenced a lot by my mother who worked hyper realistically and was always a perfectionist. I saw her work and wanted to be as good as her one day.”

Her mom always signed her up for fairly advanced art classes when she was younger.

“I was 11 years old in figure painting classes where all the other students were middle aged.”

She wasn’t even going to take this painting stuff seriously, she was only a kid.

“I remember half way into the class, we had nude models come in to paint; definitely changed my perspective as a child.”

Although Roxana was too stubborn to advance her artistic skills in that class, she became extremely comfortable with the human body.

“I started to find beauty in it and did not feel ashamed or embarrassed to draw someone nude (which leads to the way my work is now).

Roxana’s artwork is hyper realistic, while adding her own creative twist to it.

“Most of my work tends to be female bodies who are either nude or barely clothed.

Her mom is the one who inspires her the most. Ever since she was little, her mom was pushing her creativity by putting her in art classes. Growing up around her mother and seeing her art, also made herself wonder what she could do with her own hands.


Roxana is currently working on a ‘Twisted Valentine’ series (picture above is included in the collection). The full collection is to be released the night before Valentine’s Day via Instagram and Twitter.


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