Sierra Smith is a dazzling 23 year old unique artist from Richmond, Virginia. She is also a creative director for other artists and photographers.

She has also done many events here in Richmond, including events at the Hippodrome on First Friday’s.

Sierra has always done different things that range from graphic design, photography, to sculpting, but then she decided to pick up a paintbrush.

“Then one day I was just like let me try painting out. From that point on, I was like this feels right.”

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Her paintings are very articulate and popping with colors. She does an impressive job on showing popular characters in her own creative way. The details in her paintings are extremely thought out and put together beautifully. It is very abstract and trippy. Painting is definitely something she should stick with.

“It’s kind of hard to explain my work sometimes haha. Some pieces I do that are more from my head are basically whatever comes to mind. Whereas cartoon characters that I do are just in my own way.”


Her biggest inspirations in the city, are two of her good homies, fellow local artists, Earl Mack and Pablo. Earl is like her big brother and mentor.

“He’s actually the reason why I started showing my pieces. That was like four years ago.”


Sierra clearly has talent, we see that. She is progressing in the art world.

Be on the lookout for her website that’s also gonna be up and running soon. (

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