The reputation of both Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey is certainly one to be admired. Both of them being woman of color, yet paving the way for young black women in every walk of life. Oprah Winfrey starting off as a TV specialist with a show that made its presence known in our homes for 25 years. She than started participating in ground breaking films such as A Raisin In The Sun and The Color Purple. After her range of influences began to rise, she started her own television network. Her television network was established for black directors, and entertainers of all kind to share their platform. She’s landed interviews with black influencers in their prime of controversy or when we needed to hear from them most. As the president’s first lady, Michelle Obama, makes her exit out of the white house she shared some last words with Oprah.

Here are three things we can take away from a sit down between two legendary women:

  1. Professionalism: Michelle discusses how she allocated her time before even being First Lady. This point speaks volumes that as a young professional if you are aiming to be successful act like you already have the part. It is way more difficult to build diligence than to have already developed it beforehand. As young people we enjoy seeing the fruits of the labor before we pursue the labor of the craft.
  2. Knowing your worth: This entails being fully aware of the gifts and talents you offer to any exchange. Whether this is business related, friendship, or relationship knowing your worth will increase the benefits you receive in life. She discusses how she demanded pay according to the responsibilities in her life.
  3. Social Media: She states in discussing her route to Barack’s presidency, and how long of a road it was. She challenges young millennials that social media is a key but it won’t suffice all needs. That in hopes of after this discussion that we won’t go back to looking down at our phones, but there are always things that flourish our careers. Which recalls another point to never be complacent, and that the work never stops. The work we place on ourselves concerning health, family dynamic, and professional should constantly be reinventing itself.

Lastly, just to enjoy the small things that we are privileged with. Those we admire at high levels of fame don’t have the luxury to do many things we can. If we find solace in our simple lives it makes it that much more beautiful. Every second of this interview is overflowed with wisdom, and knowledge. These were the few I felt I should share, but check out the FULL interview down below!

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