Winnipeg’s emotive garage pop-rock quartet Mise en Scene has returned with their sophomore full length album, Still Life On Fire, due out June 30 on Light Organ Records. The band’s tireless tour and promotion schedule leant inspiration to the creative process for this new collection, begging the question “are you awake in your happiness?” Accepting certain negative realities of life allowed for the conscious choice to lead with light and positivity over darkness and negativity. Still Life On Fire is a 12-track reflective tour de force of irresistible hooks, rib-rattling guitar, vocal melodies that range from lush and playful to biting and raw.

From the opening snarl, album single “Closer” is a blistering punk powerhouse questioning the human ability to connect in this age of technological disconnect. “Guts/Glory” is a pleading punk ballad critiquing false reality and desirability on social media in an effort to merge your true self with your digital presence. “Waster” is a scorching, effortless catchy whirlpool of fuzzed-out guitars, blissful xylophone and irresistible vocal hooks that encourages self-respect and mutual respect. A fiery grunge-pop anthem, “Young Leo” embodies the urge to achieve your dream with lots of passion and no patience. “Young Leo” premiered with Impose Magazine and is available to post/share HERE.

A nod to the 90s riot grrrl in both prose and punk prowess, Mise en Scene was founded by art school friends Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop. The duo are joined by Corey Hykawy (bass) for their latest effort. Following their critically acclaimed 2012 debut, the band received a 2014 Sirius XM Indies Award nomination and toured extensively, making appearances at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, a show in downtown Paris to over 15,000 people and SXSW just last month. West coasters will have another chance to see the band live on April 10th at Resident in LA. Stay tuned for more opportunities to experience Mise en Scene’s explosive live show in the US coming soon.

Still Life On Fire track list

1. Intro (Nothing)
2. Closer
3. Light In The Night (Lies)
4. Guts/Glory
5. I’m Ok
6. Waster
7. Still Life On Fire
8. Scout
9. Young Leo
10. True
11. Same Hearts
12. Outro (Everything)


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