Dontavius King better known as DK GUWOP has been labeled as an internet sensation and rapper with his partner in crime 300 Rez as they form together their own rap group called 300lbs of Guwop. But for the people who are just finding out who Dontavius King really is, he started off as a freelance model and still does model to this day. Due to his large following via twitter @DKGUWOP most people assume he’s already signed but in all actuality he’s still looking for the right fit with a modeling agency.

The 22-year-old Daytona Beach native is known for being bright and colorful along with his natural, fashion forward, 90’s inspired look. DK decided to start taking modeling seriously around his senior year of high school in 2013. Initially wanting to be a football player, DK found a new love within the modeling business after modeling for the Daytona Beach inspired Coolie Collection clothing line. After linking up with 300 Rez the Coolie man himself, DK began to receive an abundance of attention both locally and via internet. When asked on what made him want to transition from a football player to a model he simply stated he wasn’t afraid to be different. “I saw other people modeling for clothing lines and decided to do it myself but put my style on it. I basically took it as a opportunity to stand out coming from Daytona Beach.”

The young freelance model continued to work with other independent clothing lines but after realizing being a model was something he really wanted to pursue as a career DK decided to start submitting his work to numerous model agency’s in the central Florida area. However, things didn’t turn out completely in his favor. “When you apply to a modeling agency its like a 4 step process but I could never get past the first two. The denied responses made me want to grind harder.”

Since then, DK has went on to join the Daytona Beach FACES modeling troupe chapter at his college and continues to model for Coolie along with other independent brands. Working with photographers like Austin Binninger and Blake Bordis within the Daytona Beach area really helped DK appreciate the creative process behind pictures and also gave him the opportunity let loose of that control he would always have in regards to the editing process. “Working with different photographers helped me realize that no idea really is a bad idea and allowed me to be open to new creative ones.”

When asking DK if he would ever try to attend any fashion weeks in the near future he simply stated that when he’s financially stable enough to continuously travel he will be attending all the major fashion weeks to come. “Timing is everything, but when the time is right I will be in all the fashion weeks and I plan on reaching out to Kanye’s team to be apart of the Yeezy season’s 6, 7, 8, and so on. DK also continued to state that he’s no longer pursuing modeling agency’s like he use to when he first started. He knows that when the time is right the agency’s soon be coming to him due to his still rising fan base via Twitter and Instagram. With new blessings ahead, along with his still blooming rap career, I’m sure it won’t be long until we see DK GUWOP next to Kanye with his straight face during fashion week with the biggest kool-aid smile.

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