“I love modeling and the more I model the bigger my passion grows for it but sometimes I really feel like I don’t get the proper recognition I know I deserve.”

This was quoted by Kailyn Bailem herself as she expressed what she called a “lovely frustration” for what she does. Now a lot of people might not even know who Kailyn is but she plans to make that a motion of the past by the end of 2017.

With that being said, Kailyn Bailem is a 22 year old freelance model who currently resides in Tampa, Florida. Born in Fort Myers, Florida, Ms. Bailem was definitely an odd ball out of her group of friends but never truly wanted to embrace it while growing up in her hometown. “I was very different from most of my friends back home but I never wanted to be. I’d try to fit in so I could feel accepted.” This difference in feeling however wasn’t embraced fully until her senior year of high school when she started figuring herself out and truly embracing all her natural qualities. “Yeah, after my senior year I just kind of realized that it was ok to be myself and truly embraced all my beauty with it. I guess this was around the time I became sure of myself with myself thus leading to me pursuing a modeling career while going to school”, stated Kailyn.

“Modeling, for me, isn’t about being beautiful but creating something interesting for people to look at and think about.” Quoted from international modeling sensation Kylie Bax, I couldn’t help but think of this exact quote while viewing Kailyn’s pictures via instagram. Not only is her pure beauty captivating enough as it is but her poses, hairstyle, and overall emotions shown within these visuals is what really maintained my attention. It seems as if she’s a real natural and sort of reminds me of a young Tyra Banks. While bringing this to Ms.Bailem’s attention during our brief discussion she instantly stated “That’s dope, I’d like to be a black girl’s inspiration one day just Tyra is to many of them now including young black women like myself.”
At this point its safe to say that Kailyn Bailem definitely has what it takes both physically and mentally to become a successful model. Yet there is still one question left to be answered. WHEN WILL SHE SIGN TO AN AGENCY and if she does, what modeling agency exactly will it be? Well, when I brought this question up around Kailyn she replied ever so effortlessly “When I find the right one who really just likes me for me that’s when I’ll sign the dotted line.”
Seems like a genuine vibe is all that Kailyn is searching for. It also seems like 2017 is going to be a very promising year for her as she strives to show and express her more sexy and eccentric side. Be sure to follow her promising journey on Instagram on her journey @xolovekailyn.

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