Jochebed Mmerife better known as “The Rosebud Yoshe” is a super model in the making and if you didn’t hear it anywhere else before then you definitely heard it here first. In fact, this is probably your first time hearing about this model, but that’s probably because you’re living in the United States.

Born in south London, The 20 year-old Rosebud has been breaking into the modeling industry with a crazy buzz and I’m not referring to her various low cut hairstyles either. After signing to Nev’s modeling agency in mid-November of last year, Yoshe has been probably the most newly talked about model out of the London area. Due to the fact that London is considered to be the fashion capital of the world, this is definitely saying a lot.   I recently had the opportunity to chat it up a bit with The Rosebud herself via facetime and I can honestly say she’s well deserving of all of her recent success and keeps a leveled head through it all to say the least.

She first started off by explaining to me the true origin behind her name. “First of all my first name is pronounced (YOO-SHE) it’s just spelled differently, but the Rosebud part is honestly came from somebody I was talking to about two years ago who told me that I was such rosebud.” Yoshe continued to explain to me she loves to compare people to flowers like herself and that term “rosebud” has a deeper meaning to it than most people realize. “Back in the day being a “rosebud” meant being a pretty young woman.” Now she’s attempted to modify the meaning of the term “rosebud” to stand for a pretty young goddess well aware of her power that will not stop at nothing to spread it.

After the detailed conversation about her name, I wanted to really understand the process that the Rosebud herself took towards her bloom into the modeling industry in London. Thus, starting off with why she even started modeling in the first place. “I was always told to be one since I was a child. People would tell my mom all the time make me model but I was a bit of a tom-boy growing up so I was never open to the idea.” However, during 2014 Yoshe decided to finally give in to the pressure around her pursue her modeling career. Trolling the London streets consistently looking for new places to shoot and different photographers to shoot with the Rosebud finally got her big break after running into Nev’s modeling agency in Chelsea. “They liked me for myself and made me very comfortable giving off a sort of family friendly vibe, so it felt like the right choice to go with them.” I also wanted to know what really separated Yoshe from the likes other up and coming models in the London area and after her very convincingly detailed response I came to the simple conclusion that she just honestly works harder than everybody else, literally.

Since signing Yoshe has definetly proven this to be very true, getting features and working with the likes of BET International, Vogue, High Snobiety, the London Fashion Week Men’s Collection, ASOS, and many many more. With the new year still freshly getting started, 2017 holds nothing but a brighter bloom for the Rosebud as she is determined this year to truly branch out and become that international supermodel she truly wants to be. Be sure to follow her journey via Instagram @therosebudyo and on Twitter @YOSHEROSE .


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