In 2016 I broke the story on BeatPluggz and listed 5 producers to watch for in 2017. Now I’ve returned to show love to 7 more producers that are shaping the SoundCloud music landscape. All of these producers are the tastemakers for new rising talent including Playboi Carti, D Savage, Smokepurrp and We’ve come a long way from the BeatPluggz domination even though it hasn’t actually been that long, but on SoundCloud the quick paced evolution of sounds could make a month feel like 6.

Pi’erre Bourne.

If you’re under the age of 23 and on Twitter you’ve probably heard the tag, “Yo Pi’erre you wanna come out here?” accompanied by the paralyzing beat drop for Playboi Carti’s culture shifting hit “Magnolia.” The hit song was placed on Playboi Carti’s self-titled debut mixtape along with the Pi’erre produced and Lil Uzi Vert assisted “wokeupikethis*.” On the tape Pi’erre also produced “Let It Go,” “dothatshit!,” “Lame Niggaz,” and “Yah Mean.” His production throughout the tape has a distinct sound that you can’t find anywhere else. Carti previously stated in an interview that he wanted to make his music stand through production choices which is why the tape took song long to put together. Choosing Pi’erre was an admirable choice.

Back to “Magnolia,” I heard the song about 2 weeks before the tape dropped through a leak on SoundCloud titled “Hide It In My Sock.” When I heard the unfinished track I knew Pi’erre was gonna blow up. Before that I previously knew of him from his work with Atlanta rapper Young Nudy on 2 of his mixtapes. Nudy released Slimeball October 2, 2016 with 8/14 songs produced by Pi’erre including “Yeah Yeah” and “Sweep.” On Slimeball 2 they ramped the collaboration with 10/13 songs produced by Pi’erre including “EA” featuring 21 Savage, “Smoke,” and “Gnarly” featuring Drugrxh Peso. It was on these mixtapes that knew Pi’erre had the potential and talent to produce for heavy hitters; it was only a matter of time.

Digital Nas. 

K$upreme, Lil Yachty & Digital Nas

Atlanta chocked full of young talent and this includes Digital Nas. Nas got his rise from working closely with Lil Yachty. He’s produced countless songs for Yachty including: “Lil Boat,” “DN Freestyle,” “Adore Me,” “Up Next 2” featuring Big Brutha Chubba and Byou, and The Lost Files EP. Aside from a number of collabs with Yachty, Nas has been all over the map working with Wintertime, Playboi Carti, Duwap Kaine, Xavier Wulf, Levi Carter, and Near the end of 2016 he released DN EP which featured him rapping as well as doing some of his own production. The 6 songs received hundreds of thousands of plays. Nas’ production style prodvides a spaced out feel, like you’re floating in a spaceship. The different effects he puts in remind me of Mario Lost In Space. Unlike all the other producers on this list, Nas doesn’t use a tag but a signature effect that sounds like a spaceship taking off. He’s already thinking into the future.

Cap$ule Corp.

The duo is comprised of Chinatown and MilanMakesBeats respectively from North and South Carolina. These two have been around for a couple years now producing for tons of underground SoundCloud artists. These two are a bit more stealthier than Pi’erre and Nas but if you’re listening to D Savage, Playboi Carti, UnoTheActivist, ThouxananFauni, or  Yung Bans then you’ve definitely heard some of their work. Chinatown has worked on Carti and Rich the Kid’s “No Pressure,” “Anticipation” by D Savage and UnoTheActivist, “No Limits” by Uno, Fauni and Keynyata among other songs by SoundCloud up and comers like Ron$oCold, BigBabyGucci, and Kane Grocerys. Milan has more quietly been making hits such as Carti and Uno’s “VLone Thug,” Fauni’s “WishTheWorst,” D Savage’s “Lay Low” featuring Joey Fatts. When they link up it’s always something speacial. Just listen to “First Day In The Trap” by Mar90s featuring Uno and Fauni and you’ll see how their sound can be described as a lighter version of trap. The high toned keys they use puts an image of the Dragon Ball Capsule Corporation building in your head while you’re listening. So get used to the “Cap$ule Corp.” tag because like the Dragon Ball franchise, they’ll be around for some time.


Chicago’s DirtyBag Shawty Boy, IcyTwat, linked up with Virginia’s $ilkmoney, Cyrax! and Lord Linco and hasn’t looked back. They formed Divine Council which made Icy the head of prodcution. Before I even knew they were an official group, I discovered him through his remixes. In the past 2 years he’s done Bankroll Fresh’s “Rack Stackin,” Tyler the Creator’s “TrashWang,” Dem Franchise Boyz’ “In My White Tee” and most notably Playboi Carti’s “Talk.” In between those remixes he’s produced a slew of work for Divine Council. For $ilkmoney he’s done: “DB$B,” “Council Shit,” both featuring Cyrax!, “Decemba” and “D.A.N.” For Cyrax! he’s produced: “Time To Ride,” “Never Going Back,” Can’t Afford Me” and “Talkin Down” featuring $ilkmoney. With Lord Linco he has “Always Friends,” “Shorty” and “Raceway” under his belt. Almost all of these songs were placed on the Council’s first two projects Council World and DB$B.

Outside of the Council he’s worked with Wintertime, Levi Carter, Nessly, Madeintyo, Caleon Fox, Yung Weej and IndigoChildRick. Early this month he released his first album Milk. It features $ilkmoney, IndigoChildRick and Kyeoshin along with some of his own rhymes as well as extra production from Kahlil Blu. Icy’s unique sound is described as Audio Pastel because he sees colors while making music. His beats are extremely psychedelic in nature so I can completely understand.


This California producer has been covertly putting out hits and I was none the wiser until I heard “Step” by Yung Gleesh and Playboi Carti around this time a year ago. Before that, I had heard songs he produced but didn’t realize it. Gnealz has produced a handful of songs for Two-9’s Key! including “Sundays,” “Parade,” “Ghost” featuring Playboi Carti, “Say No Mo” featuring Bobby Raps and “See No Evil” featuring Skepta. Since then he’s worked with Famous Dex, Duwap Kaine, Lotto Savage and Quentin Miller. In the past couple months the hits have not stop coming. He’s produced “Are U With Me” by Lucki, “Houdini” by Smokepurrp and Madeintyo, “Try Em” by Famous Dex and and “For Dat” by Gnealz has carved out his own sound which includes heavy 808’s and a array of hi hat cymbals. He’s extremely diverse and I expect to hear a lot more of his work.

BrentRambo. & BrentRambo at No Jumper

One of Chicago’s talented young producer has been linking up heavy Chicago’s Stunna Boy They have a ton of collabs including: “Who?Is?That?,” “Truth!,” “Lil Juice,” “Prove It,” “Supaboof!” and “G Day Freestyle.” Prior to all of these hard hitting tracks I discovered Brent on Lil Yachty’s “I Dont Fuck With Niggas” over a year ago. The song caught my attention because of the hook but more so because of the glass shattering bass Brent uses. In a couple months I found’ “Speed Racer” track. Once again Brent has the bass all the way up on this one. The beat actually derives from a flip he did for Chief Keef’s “2 Much” which is nothing short of amazing when you compare the two. Since then, besides the crazy collabs with, Brent has worked Famous Dex, Terrance Escobar, BiGBODYFiJi, and Madeintyo. He’s also dropped two EPs, Subtweets In Musical Form and Extra Lucky with Chicago’s Undergound King Lucki. You’re honestly doing yourself a disservice if you’re not listening to any song produced by BrentRambo.

Below is a playlist of notable songs from each producer. Explore their pages and dive even deeper. You might just find your new favorite song.

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