Tomorrow is Halloween and since it is on a Monday this year that means that all the big costume party weekends have passed and everyone’s costumes have been debuted. While you were scrolling down your Instagram feed the day after these parties you probably noticed a series of costumes being repeated over and over again, and noticed most of the girls have probably gone out in something that makes them look like they enjoy featuring on or similar adult sites. An honourable mention should go to waynes world as this has been immensely popular for many years now. These costumes can easily be dubbed the most popular costumes of the year.

  1. Arthur

arthur arthur2

Inspired by the “Arthur meme” that took twitter by storm not too long ago, the Arthur costume was a common costume seen this year. This costume is an easy look to recreate. All you would need would be some aardvark ears, a white collared shirt to wear under a yellow sweater, blue jeans, red sneakers, and maybe a friend to coordinate with you and dress as D.W. or Buster.

2. The Purge

purge-1 purge

With the Election being in about a week, many were inspired by the movie “The Purge:Election Year” and dressed as purgers. This costume was common for groups or couples. This costume is also an easy one to recreate. To achieve this look one would need a mask, almost any type of mask would do. All black or white outfits were common. Guys would be in either suits or dress shirts, or shirtless with just a mask on. For girls it was also common to wear a dress shirt as a dress, or to wear a tutu. To add an even greater effect to the costume have the clothing be ripped or covered in fake blood. Also don’t forget your fake weapon!

3. Donald Trump

4. Hilary Clinton


Costumes that were also inspired by the fact that it is election year were costumes of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. These costumes basically require the same things, suits, bad wigs, and the candidates campaign paraphernalia. Enhance the costumes even more by having a partner dress as the candidates spouses.

5. Skeletons Screengrab of Kylie Jenner's Instagram of her and Tyga in their 3016 Halloween Costumes as skeletons 10/29/16 Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

At a time where it’s common for many people to have near expert level makeup skills, people were going all out in doing scary halloween makeup this year. One of the very common halloween makeup looks this season was a skeleton. Pictured above you see Kylie Jenener with her boyfriend Tyga who both are rocking the skeleton look. In order to properly execute this look, in addition to the beat face one would need a fabulous all black outfit to complete the spooky effect. Kylie herself wore an all black gown with a long train.

6. Harley Quinn

Due to the popular movie, “Suicide Squad” many women of different ages dressed as the female lead, Harley Quinn. This costume is definitely one you would have to go to the store in order to pull it off. To complete this look one would need pigtails in their hair, blue and red makeup, a blue leather jacket, tiny blue and red leather shorts, fishnet stockings, and heeled boots. It wouldn’t hurt to have a joker on your arm either.

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