Something settles in your spirit but enough to get you moving, enough to keep you pushing, enough to keep you grooving. It sits beneath your skin, enough to give you wings, the noise amongst the sorrow, the vision between your dreams.

The beat, the beat that keeps you pumping, the sound that keeps you jumping, it’s what everybody feels, but no one likes to show it. No one likes to stress it, dress it up or test it, break it down or press it, feel it out or bless it.

Weighs you down like guilt, but enough to push you forward, forward pass the last, enough to keep you soaring. Ambition if you’ve ever felt it and if you’ve never felt it then you’re missing, missing what gives you reason, missing definition.

Giving it all your trust at times ’cause at times it’s all you’ve known, it’s the what now and the why not at times when you’re alone, dare not to question, dare not to stretch it, keep it in check when others tempt to catch it.

It’s all of what you call it, sometimes hard to picture, imagine you without it, a gun without the trigger….a man’s best friend when left without a grip, an alcoholic’s drink when left without a drip. Easy to hold on to but hard to let go, a struggle to have grown through but better when you’ve known.

It has many names, with different side effects, damaging to many, but motives to the rest!

The four letter word is H-U-R-T


-Plychette Montgomery


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