If you only know MadeinTYO from his mega hit “Uber Everywhere” then you are sleeping on one of the best rappers to bless this generation. The 24-year-old up and coming rapper from Atlanta has all my attention right now and he should have yours too. With all the new artists rising to fame, it’s hard to keep up with everyone’s music, those with good music that is.  But with MadeinTYO, you won’t be disappointed.  Produced by K. Swisha and released independently under Private Club Records, “Uber Everywhere” doesn’t do justice to the artist that MadeinTYO is. He has numerous songs that should be listened to and with the biggest hit of 2016 that accumulated 4.7 million streams on Spotify, you’d be a fool not to venture into his other works.

MadeinTOKYO, or MadeinTYO for short (real name Malcolm Jamaal Davis), got his stage name from when he lived in Japan for six years. This was one of the things that attracted me to his music because I’ve always been infatuated with Japanese culture, that and the way he dances. When I was younger my sister had an extra bedroom in her house that I insisted she decorated with only Japanese decor. It was that serious for me. After spending 6 years in Tokyo, MadeinTYO moved to Atlanta where his musical talent would shine. In an interview with Vice magazine Mr. Tokyo talks about how he first got interested in rapping.

“Me and my brother, Royce Rizzy, have always done everything together. We used to look up to our cousin who was rapping, and we’d go watch him record in his room and write our own stuff. He would turn the beat off and we’d still be rapping. He started setting up sessions in his room to record us. Our voices sounded super light and pip-squeak. My mom used to play it—she’d pull up in her Lexus blasting it and be like “these my babies!”

Royce Rizzy went on to form the art collective, the Private Club which features Salma Slims, Royce Rizzy, Noah Wood$ and MadeinTYO. The viral hit “Uber Everywhere” was recorded in the kitchen of their mother’s house with the Private crew in attendance. Unbeknownst to MadeinTYO at the time, this would be the song that made him a household name.

MadeinTYO’s newest release, “Thank you Mr.Tokyo” cemented the rapper as one of my favorite new artists. It’s a lit tape featuring 10 tracks; Broken Hearts, Skateboard P, Mr. Tokyo, Gucci Polo, Lose it, Drip, Time of Her Life, Gwinnett, Taking it Back, and Untitled. Out of all of the tracks on the mixtape, my top three of Mr. Tokyo (which just had a visual released),

Gwinnett, and Skateboard P. This tape shows MadeinTYO’s catchy lyrics and diverse adlibs in full force. There is not one song on here that I do not like. I’m excited to see where MadeinTYO will go in his career. He isn’t your average “One Hit Wonder” rapper, he truly has the potential to be one of the greatest rappers of the new generation. But, enough of me vouching for him, take a click below to listen to his music on Soundcloud.



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