With the start of spring and summer also brings the start of music festival season. Festivals such as Hangout Fest, Coachella, Spring Awakening, and Lollapalooza will occur in the upcoming months. Music festivals are a time where the attendees put on their most stand out outfits. If you want to be prepared for an upcoming music festival follow a few of these tips.

1. Converse/Dr. Marten’s

Music festival grounds can get muddy very quickly so to protect your feet it’s best to wear sturdy shoes such as combat boots, Dr. Marten’s, or an old pair of Converse that you would not mind getting dirty.


2. No Cultural Appropriation

Music festivals are a common time for when people try to express themselves using aspects of another person’s culture. Cultural appropriation can be very offensive so avoid doing it by not wearing bindis, Native American headdresses, clothes using the phrase “gypsy”, the om, or aspects of hinduism, or cultural hair styles. You are still able to be fashionable without stealing from another’s culture.

3. Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs are essential when attending music festivals because carrying a purse would be too inconvenient, and a backpack could easily get too heavy. Fanny packs allow you to hold all of your stuff while keeping your hands free. They also come in cute colors and patterns as well.

4. Fringe

Clothes with fringe really capture the music festival and summer vibe. Adding fringe to any outfit whether it be on a top, a vest, or shoes will instantly amp up any outfit and give it a vintage hippie vibe.

5. Overalls

Overalls are a common outfit choice at music festivals but you can put your own spin on this classic denim. Many choose to wear these with bralettes and bandeaus, make them grunge, or make them bohemian.

6. Bohemian

The bohemian look is a common theme among the outfits of music festival goers. This look can be achieved through the use of fringe, a floppy hat, flowy clothes, and floral prints, and neutral tones.

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