music_The volume is on max and your mind settles in another place that takes you to the past or leads you to the future. Your mind straddles as the beat mesmerizes you and leads you away from your current situation. The tune lifts your spirit and the lyrics finesse your soul. Sweet music!

The song concludes and reality sets in. Your original thoughts have left you, yet to return at the departure of your favorite song. The therapy of music consumes you. It hypnotizes your mind and soothes your thoughts. A bond forms through the similarity between your being and the words that stroke your ego because finally you can relate. Rather you’re the writer or listener, it serves you. There’s a purpose. There’s intention. Full of emotion, music medicates you.

The power of music is that it has the ability to captivate. The captivity of music charms your imagination and serves great counsel to those with low self-esteem. It’s a safe haven. It’s a vent session. It emotionally connects an artist to their fans. Consider the significance the DJ has at an event or party and how his audience reacts to the popular songs he plays. There’s a connection and the beauty of that connection is that it creates togetherness.

The story begins as the lyrics are written and soon there’s a flow of poetry. There’s a connection as soon as the listener hears the instrumental making its way. As the audience transforms, a testimony is born when the listener can relate. Our ears are adorned the more we listen. As we listen, we understand what is and what could be. Music!



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