Coming off his highly praised sophomore album titled “Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight,” Travis Scott has finally decided to release a visual for one of his singles off the album featuring Kendrick Lamar titled “Goosebumps” after going number 1 one the the Rhythmic Radio songs chart. If you’ve never heard the song before seeing the video this will definitely come as a surprise to you that Travis Scott actually has the ability to get even darker and more distorted than usual, referring back to one of his later music video’s released in 2015 titled “Mamacita” which was well known for its dark Gothic trap feel.

The Houston native shows off the culture of the city throughout the video from low rider’s sitting on 24 inch rims with hydraulics at car shows to strippers dancing with the devil to make ends meat. But Travis being the dark person that he is really shines a almost devilish light on all of this throughout the video showing the true evils of the Houston, Texas night life yet making it almost impossible ignore from a curious point of view. Along with kendrick tapping into his darker side for the feature, the video itself looks almost like a crazy fun night in hell with all the distortion, classic video game style effects, snakes, fire, gunshot transitions, and overall constant movement of the camera throughout the video. Nun the less the video definitely if not matched, enhanced the songs overall energy.

The video was directed by BRTHR and is a apple music exclusive. You can catch Travis Scott performing “Goosebumps” on his Birds Eye View Tour throughout the spring. Tickets are available on his official website at .

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