screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-9-05-34-pmMusic serves as a great tool for artists to get a message out or attempt to at the least.  There’s a connection in each song or the lack thereof to its listeners. Who knew that a poem originally written in 1814 by Frances Scott Key would become the focus of so much controversy. Later changed into a song and officially adopted as the national anthem on March 3,1931, the “The Star-Spangled Banner” is played at all official events.


Everyone is encouraged but not required to stand as the national anthem is played to reflect the liberties and opportunities we are afforded as citizens of the United States of America. On August 26,2016,as the 49ers and Packers’ pre-game ceremony began, Colin Kaepernick would stand but only for a cause. While surrounded by all others who stood for the national anthem, Kaepernick kneeled.

Kaepernick’s decision to sit out during the national anthem caused an uproar for many and a platform for others to create change. What’s important is the attention that Kaepernick has received for taking a stand against oppression. Many individuals chose not to see it,some may not understand it, others who know not of it, many who will not address it, and a select few who will choose to do something about it.



This oppression Kaepernick mentions isn’t new but in fact, is mentioned in the original poem written by Frances Scott Key but later altered. The original “Star-Spangled Banner” sings a different tune. A tune of injustice and a tune of inequality.


Today, it is music that artists express their emotions and way of life. It was music that allowed NWA to shed light on their encounters with law enforcement.Music is a reflection of the environment expressed in the means to create it. It is music that has the power to create a movement. The national anthem by Frances Scott Key was a reflection of her environment. It was a story written in her time due for a celebration. To her and many others, it symbolizes victory and freedom. To those such as Colin Kaepernick, there’s no connection neither celebration to honor about the anthem. In fact,his stand to stop the oppression of African Americans and other minorities, are an outcry to our nation that alterations should be made. A change needs to come, one that would accurately reflect,”The Star-Spangled Banner”, we sing today.

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