Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme recently announced that his band has begun to work on new music to follow up their exceptional 2013 album …Like Clockwork. In light of this exciting announcement, I thought it appropriate to discuss my top five favorite Queens of the Stone Age songs:

5. “You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire” from Songs For The Deaf (2002) Queens-Of-The-Stone-Age-queens-of-the-stone-age-34947508-1280-960

Perhaps QOTSA’s most hellish track, “You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire” features a nasty, heavy guitar riff atop which former bassist Nick Oliveri viciously screams his face off. Despite the guttural aggression contained on this cut, the song somehow manages to maintain the same sleek, sensual feel characteristic of Queens.

4. “No One Knows” from Songs For The Deaf (2002)

I know, so cliché of me to select Queens’ KROQ hit. But hey, KROQ wasn’t so off on this one. Featuring a bouncy groove, infectious melodies, and cacophonous guitars, there’s nothing not to like about “No One Knows”.

3. “The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret” from Rated R (2000)

This song is very aptly named; just one listen will exude an aurora of secrecy. The track’s slinky, slimy progression and foreboding vocals make my skin crawl.

2. “The Vampyre Of Time And Memory” from …Like Clockwork (2013) queens_of_the_stone_age_01

The third cut off of Queens’ sixth and most recent album is eerily tender. The simple, clunky piano that drives the majority of the song gives Homme’s voice room to soar, and, oh boy, does it ever.

1. “My God Is The Sun” from …Like Clockwork (2013)

Never before have dissonant guitar harmonies sounded so radio-friendly. “My God Is The Sun”’s off-kilter progression and ball-busting rhythmic drive somehow create the perfect platform for catchy (yet creepy) melody in classic Queens fashion.

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