In honor of celebrating the presence of the great Martin Luther King Jr and all of his accomplishments on this day. We also acknowledge those who surrounded him during the peak of his success as a speaker, activist, and leader. One of the primary people being his wife, Coretta Scott King, who carried her role as his wife with such poise and dignity. The life of a leader is certainly a public one, but there is always a section we don’t experience. Which is the role Mrs. King primarily played being the one to experience Dr. King’s lowest moments and highest victories. There is a saying that comes to mind when everyone discusses the greats and their wives. This saying being “behind every great man is a great woman” stated by Eleanor Roosevelt who pushed the plight of women as leaders. Throughout the journey of King’s activism many threats were made in attempt to destroy what he built including his family. Although some of the allegations were true, Mrs. King understood that the purpose of her husbands fight was way bigger than herself. The dynamic theory of both beings serving a role equally for the betterment of people started with them.  After the death of MLK Jr she made sure to preserve and solidify his impact in multiple ways. She served as the voice to ensure that a holiday was established, multiple King centers, and all of the values he spoke on. This is a testament to us all that we to can carry out the values we feel should be apart of this world. All of her collective thoughts could be found in her book titled My Life, My Love, My Legacy among many other books she wrote. Today we stand in a special awareness of a great leader, but it lies in all of us too. Access that today and forever.

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