I was planning on accompanying my “Top 10 Performances from Outside Lands 2016” with my ten least favorite performances of Outside Lands 2016. But the festival was so damn good that I could only come up with seven performances that I deemed subpar. However, keep in mind that I didn’t see every show at the festival. This list only ranks the worst concerts that I was unlucky enough to attend. Anyway, here it is:

7.Vince Staples 500x500

Trust me, I desperately wanted to love twenty-three-year-old rapper Vince Staples’ set. I definitely enjoy his studio material. My friends and I had even deemed his smash hit “Norf Norf” the theme song of the weekend (“Norf Side Long Beach!”). And sure, Vince brought a buttload of gusto and energy to his performance. But the mixing was terrible. All I could hear was the bass in his backing tracks and the hype man’s vocals. So it really wasn’t a Vince Staples concert at all. It was a muddy sonic blur of lots of hype and no rhymes.

6.Ra Ra Riot Ra+Ra+Riot+press+photo_web

Synth pop band Ra Ra Riot wasn’t terrible. The songs were just pretty underwhelming and Wes Miles’ vocals were semi-inaudible. I still love their song “Beta Love” though.

5.Marian Hill Marian Hill at Haverford Middle School in Havertown, PA on January 25, 2014.

Electronic music duo Marian Hill had a few fun tunes, but I just didn’t buy vocalist Samantha Gongol’s sensual, Lana Del Rey-esque aesthetic. My favorite part of their lackluster set, however, was the odd slideshow of bare shoulders on the jumbo-tron behind them. It was bizarre to the point of hilarity.

4.Jack Garratt jack-garrett

Indie electronica musician Jack Garratt brought nothing more to the table than corny, raspy hooks and cheap visceral candy for beat junkies. The best part of each song was the last thirty seconds, when Garratt would predictably wail on his drum set. At least he was kinda good at that.

3.Foals homepage_large.10a69185

I expected a lot more than I got out of indie pop band Foals. Their set consisted solely of generic synth rock with little to no substance or guts.

2.Moon Taxi huge_avatar-2

Imagine synth pop band Imagine Dragons but much worse. Yes, worse than Imagine Dragons. That was Moon Taxi in a nutshell.

1.The Last Shadow Puppets

The Last Shadow Puppets’ Outside Lands set confirmed my conviction that13938498_641099919397784_1608025373019411610_n
frontman Alex Turner (also of the Arctic Monkeys) is dead and his body is now inhabited by a douchey, self-obsessed, Elvis/Julian Casablancas wannabe. The music was nothing to write home about and watching Turner drunkenly parade himself around the stage was worse than torture. They had a cool cover of David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” though, and my friend managed to take this funny snapchat (to the right) of Turner onstage.


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