Sorry to fans of Ginger Baker and Stewart Copeland. Your guys didn’t make the cut. Here are my top six favorite rock drummers of all time.

6. Keith Moon-The Who Keith-Moon-II

Pure, chaotic, unadulterated, animalistic energy was Keith Moon’s strong suit. He may have not been the best technical drummer, but he made up for it with passion and spirit. Listen to “Baba O’Reily” and “Bargain”.

5. Dave Lombardo-Slayer dave lombardo

I mean, he’s the king of thrash metal drumming. Even with his pounding double kicks and mind-boggling drum fills moving at the speed of light, Lombardo still managed to upkeep accuracy and precision in his playing. Listen to “Raining Blood” and “Angel of Death”.

4. John Densmore-The Doors JohnDensmore2

Inspired my bossanova and jazz drumming, John Densmore injected The Doors, and rock n’ roll for that matter, with his dynamic, intricate, idiosyncratic playing. Listen to “Break on Through (To The Other Side)” and “When The Music’s Over”.

3. John Bonham-Led Zeppelin John-Bonham-Stainless-Steel-Ludwig-Drums-Kit-Setup09

Hard and heavy. Aggressive yet nuanced. And playing for one of the greatest bands of all time. What’s not to love? Listen to “Rock and Roll” and “The Ocean”.

2. Dave Grohl-Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave-Grohl-na-bateriaFoo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures

Dave Grohl’s playing is spirited and emotional yet technically precise. And if you’re scoffing at this pick, shut up and listen to Nirvana’s Nevermind and Queens of the Stone Ages’ Songs for the Deaf. You’ll remember why I’m right.

1. Neil Peart-Rush Rush-Neil-Peart

Truly a god among mere mortals. That’s all I have to say. Listen to side one of 2112.

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