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In the midst of biological warfare, violence and mass incarceration plaguing our world, “Genius in the Darkness” is an invitation to think free. His latest song takes three 180-degree turns as the song represents the multiple stages of being aware. Starting with a vibey trap beat and ending with a trancelike house-groove tells people to be more aware as the political and social reality of today is frightening.
This song is about urging people to believe in Utopia. Mu constantly negotiates concepts of beauty standards, freedom and love as it relates to our generation being attached to virtual reality. Happiness has been marketed as unachievable and Mylo wants this song to rebel against that. The drums, samples, and vocals create a romantic-rollercoaster dipped in LSD visuals and self-induced euphoria.

Moments by waterfalls talking about life, interconnectedness and other otherworldly shit inspired this creation. Dancing, raving, absorbing light in the grass, or sitting alone are all fitting activities. It is up to artists to make utopia real. Mylo Mu made this to tell everybody that they are already geniuses… in the darkness. Utopia is our only way out.

Take a listen and examine the floral-collage inspired cover work here.


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