Children aren’t the only ones that have high expectations for the holidays! As we’ve gotten older the lists have gotten smaller but more expensive. Are your lists realistic or even deserving for that matter? Seriously?

It’s simple! Don’t expect silver and gold if you’ve not done right by people. There should be no sense of entitlement. No one owes you anything. Not even your parents. If you’ve had a negative attitude then your gifts will reflect that. If your attitude sucks then you shouldn’t be going anywhere for the holidays anyway. At least, not until you’ve gotten an attitude adjuster. Until that time comes, you’re probably on the naughty list. Don’t expect much and be thankful for what you do receive!

We all have our bad days but it’s important that we don’t take our issues out on others then expect special treatment. Double standards!!!You can’t go wrong with the golden rule.Treat people the way you want to be treated.

If you’ve been nice, you have much to look forward to. Many look forward to your company for the holidays. Your warm presence is attractive, which is why everyone wants to see you. Continue to bless others with your positive energy. You must now that the holidays aren’t just about gifts. You realize the significance of family and the joy they bring. You realize that what you receive doesn’t define you or the outcome of your day. That doesn’t mean you don’t look for anything. It just means that you have no sense of entitlement. You’re on the nice list for a reason!

Naughty or nice makes a difference. Analyze your behavior and make adjustments. It matters!


-Plychette Montgomery



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