Every so often you meet someone who’s hard work and dedication not only inspires you, but makes y0u want to support them and help them reach their dreams.  I had the pleasure of speaking with one of those people, Bronx native Nell Cash! This aspiring rapper has four mixtapes under his belt and it is only a matter of time before his music is heard by the masses. I had the pleasure of speaking with him about his music, his community, being a “NY Artist”,  and much more!

Read full interview below:

Q: For the people who aren’t aware of what it is you do, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: Yes, I am Nell Cash. I am a Hip-Hip/Rap musician . . . artist, what ever it is you want to call me. (lol)

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: Unique. You’re not finding anybody like me anywhere else.

Q: Do you have any musical influences? (Could be artists of the past or present)

A: Yes I do. My two favorite rappers are Chief Keef & Drake.

Q: When you decided to become a musician, did you initially have the support of your family/friends/etc.?

A: Yes. My family and my piers supported me like there was no tomorrow & only pushed me to become better.

Q: By watching a majority of your videos, it is obvious you have a genuine love for your community, do you think their support has helped you to be confident in your music?

A: Yes. Starting off, with music, I wasn’t really good at it and my community let me know straight up you got to do better. . . They had faith in me just like I had faith in my self. . . That’s what made me become who I am today.

Q: What kind of advice would you give someone who may not have support from their piers?

A: Nobody is going to see the vision you see until you make it happen.

Q: There is a stereotype that all artists are perfectionists; do you believe this to be true? Or do you at least think this applies to you?

A: No, music is art . . . Art doesn’t need to be perfect; you can throw a million different ideas everywhere and it would be perfect just how it is.

Q: What qualities do you feel a musician needs in order to make an impact?

A: All musicians need to stay humble. Number one rule because the humble DON’T stumble.

Q: Being from NYC, do you feel it’s easier or harder to get recognition by the masses?

A: Way harder! Everybody in New York is trying to make it big, and the New York support just isn’t there like it should be. Shout out and God bless to the people from New York with the mentality of support somebody on his or her grind.

Q: You’ve released four mixtapes so far: Mixtape Mayweather 1&2 (2013), Damn Nelly (2014) and So Cashual (2015), do you ever get nervous about how your music will be received?

A: Everybody has opinions. I know my music is great before even putting it out. I just love hearing the other opinions. Those opinions give me more ideas to better myself.

Q: Between these mixtapes which one would you say is your favorite, and why?

A: So Cashual (my latest mixtape). I feel that if I had the right following behind me that could of been album of the year but . . . the push for that isn’t over. The neighborhood heard that mixtape not the world.

Q: You frequently collaborate with fellow Bronx artists T-Mac and Luey Champagne, what qualities do you respect about the both of them?

A: Both of these gentlemen can make a hit song with the snap of their fingers. . . Also, my other rap partner 2Time$. . . These guys make me stay on my game and stay focused; they make sure I continue to make great music.

Q: Is there anyone that you are looking to collaborate with in the near future?

A: Chief Keef, Drake & A boogie

Q: Do you have a dream collaboration?

A: No. I would love to do as many songs as possible with everybody.

Q: This year you did not release a mixtape but you have dropped several songs, are you gearing up for a project sometime next year?

A: The FlyKing MIXTAPE Coming soon 2017!

Q: What type of advice would you give someone looking to make it in the music business?

A: Head in the game, stay focus, and don’t let anything get in the way.

Q: Is there anything that you would like to tell your supporters?

A: It’s only up from here. I love and appreciate each and every one of y’all and please continue to help reach the top and put on for you guys that made it happen!


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Make sure to listen to his latest mixtape “So Cashual” by clicking here.

To hear his newest song My Name Is Damn Nelly click here.

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