If you loved Narcos, or anything dealing with drugs and the cartel, sex and violence, then Queen of the South is the show for you.

Last Saturday I was eagerly scanning Netflix for new shows to binge when I stumbled across Queen of the South. It had a 95% match with my interests so I figured I would give it a try. It only took half of the first episode for me to get hooked.

I was sitting in front of the T.V like this:

I love how the show started off with her as the head of the cartel, and worked it’s way back to show how Teresa managed to get there in the first place. The show is an adaptation of the Spanish teleonova and book, La Reina del Sur, written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte a book

What really drew me in about this show was the strong female lead.  Alice Braga (You might know her from I Am Legend with Will Smith) plays Teresa Mendoza, a poverty stricken woman from Jalisco, Mexico.



Teresa started off as a money changer in the streets of Jalisco, Mexico, where she earned the bulk of her money. She learned the ins and outs of money handling, easily being able to spot a fake bill. During one of her shifts she meets El Güero, a drug dealer apart of Epifiano’s cartel.

El Güero, introduces her to the drug game and inevitably leads her to becoming one of the wealthiest women in the world, and in the cartel game. When El Güero is murdered, Teresa is forced to live a life on the run making, many, many enemies along the way. Teresa went from a money changer to a drug mule, and then eventually, the head don.


Among the main characters is Teresa’s best-friend Brenda,Teresa Camila Vargas, Don Epifanio, and James Valdez


Brenda and Teresa met when Teresa became the girlfriend of El Güero. Brenda was married to El Güero’s friend Chino who was also in the cartel game. They both worked for Don Epfianio before..well, you’ll have to watch and see. I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Anyways, Brenda proves to be a headstrong woman just like Teresa. After being forced to leave Mexico due to death threats, Brenda finds herself in Texas setting up her own drug network. But trouble would soon follow.

Don Epifanio

Epfanio is the man who was supposed to save Teresa and help her in anyway after El Güero’s death. El Güero gifted her with a journal that had the ins and outs of Epifanio’s entire cartel organization. El Güero told her that if anything were to happen to her, she should take the book to Epifanio and he would protect her. Epifanio however had his own agenda. Epifanio is running for political office while also maintaining his drug empire, that his wife, Camilla, is trying to take from him. However, once Epifiano realizes the power that Teresa holds, the two quickly become enemies and Teresa soon realizes that Epifanio, like everyone else,  cant be trusted.


Camilla is vying to take of Epifanio’s drug empire. She will not let anything or anyone stand in between her and the empire she claims to be rightfully hers. Camilla first met Teresa when she thought she was just one of her drug mules. But she eventually found out that Teresa is hiding from Epifiano, thus making her a valuable asset to Camilla.


James is Camilla’s most trusted drug runner. James takes a special liking to Teresa, warning her to tread carefully when it comes to dealings with the cartel and her close relationship with Camilla. James believes that once Teresa is no longer useful to Camilla, she will get rid of her. But James has his own plans for moving up in the cartel game.

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