Riverdale is my newest Netflix Binge.

The CW show premiered this past January and it is already forming a cult following, partially thanks to Netflix. A lot of shows get popular when they are put on Netflix because people (like me) have time to binge. I hardly watch cable TV so I didn’t know about the show until Netflix brought it on their streaming platform.

Riverdale is a murder mystery based on characters from the Archie comic series. The plot of the first season heavily revoles around the tragic murder of Jason Blossom, Riverdale’s “Golden Boy”. The main characters in the series are: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl Blossom (Jason’s twin sister), and Jugghead.
Archie Archie is a star on the football team with a hidden passion for music. His love for music landed him in the arms of music teacher, Ms Grundy. The two begin an illicit affair that sets of a chain of reactions no one was ready for.

Betty is the girl next door, literally. She grew up next door to Archie and the two became best friends. However, over the years Betty started to have romantic feelings for Archie but she doesn’t know how to tell him. Everyday Betty deals with her overhearing mother who wants to control her entire life so she wouldn’t end up in a crazy home like her sister, Polly.
Veronica is the new girl in Riverdale. After being banished from her lavish life in NYC due to her dad’s fraud and embezzlement charges, Veronica is ready to start a new life. Veronica was once the queen bitch of her old school but she is trying to turn over a new leaf, a hard task to accomplish. Betty and Veronica instantly click, which causes trouble because Veronica also has a spark with Archie.
Cheryl Blossom
Cheryl is the “It Girl” at school and a bitch in her own right (I love her). The red head bombshell often unleashes her fury on Veronica, Archie, and Betty. She wants nothing more than to find the murderer of her brother, no matter the cost. But, Cheryl is hiding some secrets of her own about her brother’s death.
Jugghead was the outsider of the group, born on the ghetto Southside of Riverdale. He is a writer who spent most of the season writing a book about the tragic murder of Jason Blossom. but Jugghead has some secrets of his own. His dad is a Southside Serpent, a gang that often finds themselves dealing with business men on the upside of Riverdale.

At first I was a little nervous about watching a high school centered tv show. I couldn’t get into 13 Reasons Why because of that very same fact. I didn’t feel like I could relate to the woes of high school life and all the drama that came with it. I was entering my senior year in college so the stuff that the characters went through, I didn’t really relate to. However, I did finish watching it because I read the book in middle school I just had to see how the show panned out.

Although Riverdale is about high school students I can’t help but point out that it is nowhere near as cheesy as 13 Reasons Why. Riverdale is a show filled with so many twist and turns, if you look away from the screen for a split second then you might miss something important.

Riverdale is a show to binge if you love murder, drama, and a good laugh. The ominous town is filled with dark secrets waiting to be heard, and stories waiting to be told.

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