Lil llaŕi the savior. Today Atlanta rapper Pollaŕi tells the world his story on his newest mixtape lil llaŕi world. In the shit storm of new Atlanta rappers making their own sub-genres of rap, some hit and some miss, Pollaŕi is in the eye of the storm. He is calm and unfazed by anyone outside of his clique, 3200. On this new tape Pollaŕi has a ton of frequent collaborators. Guest verses come from Larry League, Curtis Williams, Lil Yachty, Eddy Baker,, and SmokePurrp; production comes from Danny Wolf, Lex Luger, Hurtboy AG, F1lthy, Larry League’s SenseiATL and more.

lil llari world Tracklist

Out of the 13 total songs nearly all of them stand out. A few familiar tracks make the cut including: “llaŕKelly,” “Follies,” “For You,” and “Hellisudoin?” Pollaŕi released “llaŕKelly” and “For You” at the start of the summer and they are the ultimate summer songs. Both produced by SenseiATL, they invoke a feel good attitude and positive vibes. “Hellisudoin?” and “Follies” are both nearly a year old but Pollaŕi tweaked “Follies” for its re-release. He leaves Lil Yachty’s verse as is but replaced his own with a fresh one.

In a wave of confusion and criticism about his musical genre, why he wasn’t selected to be a XXL 2016 Freshman, and just after releasing his own mixtape, Post Malone hands Pollaŕi the beat for “POPSTAR” that is very hip-hop even though you might not think so because of the title. Complete with heavy bass, high-hat rolls and church-esque bells Posty proves that he is in fact a part of the hip-hop community. On the beat Pollaŕi of course does his thing rapping about his eccentric crew and how he makes and spends his money.

Among the new tracks Pollaŕi reminds you to not take him or 3200 lightly. At the end of “Romeo & Juliet,” he raps in acapella “salute, salute/ all of my shooters they shoot/ you know that I got the proof/ might scoop yo hoe in the coupe.” On “Sniper,” the first line reads “peepin through yo window with my kinfolk.” It’s obvious that lil llaŕi and his crew are not the ones to play around with.

Pollaŕi is on a fast track to stardom so prepare yourself for the imitators that are sure to follow. Check out his interview with No Jumper and get to know him better.

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