Shameless is my newest binge on Netflix.

For the past few weeks a friend of mine had been bugging me to watch a TV show called Shameless on Netflix. When I asked her what it was about, she told me it centered around a poor dysfunctional white family with a drunk dad who lived and work day by day to make ends meet. It took me a while to watch the show because I’m more of a sci-fi, urban culture, romantic drama TV show watcher. Stranger Things, Luke Cage, The Office, The Get Down, and Gossip Girl are shows that interest me. I didn’t really watch family shows like 7th Heaven and all that other shit, but she persisted that it wasn’t nowhere near as corny as shit like 7th Heaven. After a bit of convincing, I decided to give it a try because I needed a new binge.

A couple of episodes in and I could already tell why the show was given its name. The drunk dad, Frank Gallagher, is the leader of his clan and the most shameful of them all, in my opinion. He drinks himself into a coma almost every day and he barely supports his kids. Most of the dire situations the family has to get out of are a result of his own actions. Without the support of their parents, the oldest child, Fiona, steps up to take care of the entire family. She works dead end jobs to support them and keep the bills paid along with the help of her brothers Lip and Ian. Lip is the most academically promising out of all of the children. He helps around the house by taking students’ SATs for them and tutoring. Ian helps the family by working at a local convenience store. He is into ROTC and is secretly gay and sleeping with the married Muslim owner of the store. After Ian there’s younger sister Debbie who is just fucking weird to me. I don’t care too much for her character. Carl is the younger brother who enjoys warming up his action figures in the microwave. This child sends me psychopathic vibes, seriously. This whole family is bat shit crazy and it makes for interesting television. Lastly there’s Liam, the youngest of the clan. He’s a baby that’s mixed with black and white. How he got in the family hasn’t been revealed to me yet and I don’t even want to guess because with this family you just never know. Outside of the family there’s two additional characters that really make the show for me, Veronica and Kev. Veronica is a black woman who is in an interracial relationship with Kev. Kev owns a bar called the Alibi room where Frank often runs up an enormous tab. Veronica is a close friend of Fiona and often comes to the aid of the Gallagher’s, much to Kev’s dismay.

If you’re into family dramas with good laughs (and a lot of sex and cursing) then this is the show for you.  Although I’m enjoying the show as of now, I’m not sure if it’s going to be something I will finish all the way through. It can get a little slow at times.  The first season only has 12 episodes so I dedicated myself to finishing them all and then after that I can decide if it’s something i want to continue. Besides the story line getting a little dry at times, I have an overall good feeling about this show.

The show has 6 seasons on Netflix and if you have Showtime you can probably catch a couple of seasons on OnDemand.
Happy Binging!


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