While growing up in the south, it has always been said that wearing white after Labor Day is a major fashion faux pas. In fact, after every Labor Day my mom and I would pack away any white clothing in our closets along with many summer clothes in preparation for the Fall months. But where and when exactly did this American fashion rule come about? I did my research and found some intriguing information.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, clothing was extremely modest. (Think Mary Poppins) Of course air conditioning was not ‘a thing’ during this time so the only way to combat the summer heat was to wear white. (White reflects the sun while darker colors absorb it) Unlike the less fortunate,all-white-looks-to-wear-long-after-labor-day-01-chloe who could only afford to wear darker clothing year-round, those who wore white were wealthy enough to ruin the clothing with their sweat. In addition to that sign of wealth, wearing white also signified that you would soon leave the city to vacation for the summer season.

After Labor Day, people would begin to return to the city from their vacation cottages and villas with white
clothing packed away in their luggages to get ready for the darker garments of Fall.  Being that wearing white was only beneficial for keeping cool, it was not a necessity for the cooler months.

Throughout the years, the old adage stuck with American society and it still followed by many to this day. Will you let the “no white after Labor Day” rule determine your wardrobe after Monday? The choice is yours.

-Stay stylish, friends.

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