After releasing her long awaited debut mixtape Telefone this summer, Noname announced the tour schedule earlier this week. Her mixtape was everything fans wanted and expected. After such a long hiatus she gives listeners 10 songs filled with sing-songy rhymes and feel good vibes. It is also clear that Noname can give real hip-hop bars while just having fun. She enlisted assistance from Raury, theMIND, Saba and others. If you’ve heard either of her features with Chance the Rapper then Telefone is should definitely be in your rotation.

Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

She starts the tour in the mid-west, goes down the western border, comes back through the mid-west, and settles in the north-east. The cities are mostly large (New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc.) but also includes the University of Iowa. The tour starts January 14th in Madison, Wisconsin and raps up March 6th in Detroit, Michigan. Accompanying Noname will be Chicago artist Ravyn Lenae. If you haven’t heard her before she re-released her Moon Shoes EP which is available on iTunes and Spotify. Her smooth voice floats over her songs and emulates feel good tracks. Lanae also appears on the track “Forever” on Telefone singing soulfully as Noname raps. Tickets are now available on

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