90’s grunge has been a very popular theme in fashion over the last few years and other item from that era is making a big comeback. All of the trendiest girls are wearing fishnet stockings again. In the past, , fishnets were known to be risqué and worn as part of an all black outfit underneath skirts, dresses, or a pair of shorts with a pair of Dr. Marten’s and a choker. However, in this new wave of popularity for fishnets, the trending style for the winter is for them to be worn under distressed jeans.

When the fishnets are worn under distressed jeans, many like to wear them with a crop top and then wear the fishnets high waisted so that they aren’t only visible in the holes of the pants. One familiar face that rocks this trend is youtuber, and model Jasmine Brown. Paired with her beige t-shirt crop top, dark blue ripped jeans, a black choker, , and black booties are black fishnets. Since it is winter, this trend came about as a way to add another layer to one’s outfit.

Fishnet stockings also go together with the clear boot trend, as many wear fishnets with them. One celebrity to do so was Kendall Jenner. Paired with her gold shearling jacket, black sunglasses, and light blue boyfriend jeans, Kendall wears her clear boots from Ego with her stockings peeking out from under her jeans. Kendall takes a spring/summer shoe and instantly makes it appropriate for the winter season. If you’re trying to hop on this trend, fishnets can be found at retailers such as Fashion Nova and Windsor, who have them in black, and Forever 21 who has them in white.

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