His first release since the critically acclaimed album Ephemeral in 2014, Nova Scotia-based musician Rich Aucoin announces his Hold EP set for release on March 16th. Today, he shares the first single and video for Releasewith Exclaim. A sprawling instrumental which features the drumming of Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff, the heavy electro track is built upon vocal samples and pads sung and manipulated by Aucoin, which weave in and out of Peroff’s hard-panned grooves and modulating synths.


Filmed on four separate occasions off the coast of Nova Scotia, the video was directed by Dave Hung, who his known for his work on Kanye West’s Famous video. While filming, Aucoin lay in the water, repeating the mantra of there being no shark attacks in Nova Scotia while the rest of the crew flew drones safely from shore. Favoring one long meditative photographic shot, the viewer can’t ignore an almost menacing feeling similar to what one feels after looking at an Alex Colville or Mary Pratt painting.

The Hold EP is a dreamy four-track collection and a stark contrast to the short high-tempo songs from his previous release, hinting toward a rebirth for Aucoin. Just as his last album led him on a bike tour across Canada while donating every cent to cancer research, fans should expect nothing less this time around. Stay tuned for more from Rich Aucoin as he gears up for release on March 16th!

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