So, like all good Netflix Bingers’, I was completely greedy with the new season of Orange is the New Black.

I binged the entire show in three days. It would’ve been quicker than three days but you know, work and real world shit was going on as well.

Anyhow, the 5th season of Orange is the New Black started with a bang, literally. After Caputo informed the inmates of the decision not to charge CO Bayley in the tragic, accidental suffocation of Poussey, a riot ensued. The ending scene from last season featured Daya pointing CO Humphrey’s gun (which she picked up when Humorhey dropped it) at the disgruntled and abusive guard, who wasn’t even supposed to have a gun in Litchfield in the first place.

The Prison files are burned:

Crackheads (or should I say meth?) /white supremacist/annoying/dirty looking, Leanna and Angie, spent there last few minutes of the last episode getting high.With the riot coming to an end , and the impeding doom of consequences that are bound to happen for each inmate, Leanna and Angie decide to be “heroes”. At this point I wasn’t sure what they were going to do until the scene switched backed to them. Lo and Behold the racist meth-heads actually came through for ALL of the inmates, happily burning each record in a fiery, drugged up bliss.

A little part of me hopes that they get away with it, but surely Litchfield has electronic records too? Or maybe not, since Figueroa was so got damn cheap.

Piscatella is shot dead

I’ve been waiting on his ass die to all fucking season and at last! In the very last episode, Piscatella got popped! After being captured by Red and forced t. Taystee, upset with no one being held accountable for Poussey’s death, unleashed her fury onto Piscatella, rightfully so. I mean, it’s not like this man shouldn’t be head accountable just like CO Bayley. Piscatella is the one who enforced many of the harsh guidelines the COs’ had to follow. Taystee’s dramatic outburst (seriously she deserves an OSCAR for her performance this season),prompted Red to set him free. Piscatella was good and ready to exit the prison and continue on with his life.  But that’s thing thing about life; Shit always catches up to you. When Piscatella finally surfaced to the ground of the prison he was shot dead in the head by a member of the SWAT team.

Karma, you know what I’m saying?

Flaca and Maritza are Separated

The two have been inseparable since the first season of Orange is the New Black. During the prison riot, Maritza and Flaca spent most of their time doing what they do best; being beautiful. The two created beauty help videos’, amassing a ton of online followers. At the end of the episode the two are seen saying there goodbyes as they are pushed onto separate buses.

So does this mean all of the inmates will be sent to separate prisons?

Piper Proposes to Alex

The on-again off-again, couple of Orange is the New Black will be married soon. If they make it out alive.

Inmates Escape

Pennsatucky and Mei Chang successfully escaped Litchfield prison. Mei Chang slid out the hole Gloria cut, and Pennsatucky escaped to the guard house in the woods. After the raid, the emergency response SWAT team tells Caputo that there are 10 inmates missing but that was an error. There are acaully 11 inmates missing. Remember? The MCC purchaser who was romantically involved with Caputo? Well, after being swept up into the riot,she disguises herself as one of the inmates. This was a bad move. Boo took a liking to Linda and the two became involved. After Boo saw pictures of Capto on Linda’s phone, she is forced to come clean about her true identity. This pisses Boo off and she makes the guards (with the help of Caputo, in a way) believe that Linda is in fact an inmate and not an employee of the MCC. Pennsatucky reunites with CO Coates, her abuser turned lover, and the two happily watch the take-down of Litchfield.


As we know, Red, Alex, Piper, Taystee, Cindy, Gloria, Frieda, Suzanne, Blanca, and Nicky are still underground in the makeshift bunker (Thank you, Frieda!). The show ends with the SWAT team storming in, smoke bomb in all, and the screen fades to orange as the friends are unsure of the fact of some of the most beloved characters. We have to wait a whole year before we know the fate. Netflix can be a bitch sometimes huh?

See you next year,Bingers.

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