Glitz, Glam, High Fashion, and Award Mix-Ups…? The 89th Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, was held February 26th, 2017 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Former host of the Emmy Awards, the ESPYS, and the American Music Awards, Jimmy Kimmel was the host of this most prestigious event. Aside from Kimmel’s shtick and great hosting, the mix-up on the winner for Best Picture has been blowing up on all media platforms! Presenting the award, Warren Beatty somehow ended up with the wrong envelope, being Emma Stone’s win for Best Actress, instead of the Best Picture envelope, which was Moonlight.

Best Picture

We almost got fucked on this one when the smash hit musical, La La Land, was announced as the winner for best picture. Apparently the presenter, Warren Beatty, was handed the wrong envelope! Warren hesitated before he announced the winner because he could tell that something was awry. But Faye Dunaway, the other presenter, went ahead and read it anyways. She wanted her time to shine. The cast of La La Land said their speeches just as the crew members of The Oscars hopped on stage to informed them that there had been a bad mistake. Host Jimmy Kimmel quipped, “Why cant we just hand out a bunch of them,”. No Jimmy. That’s not how this shit works. Thankfully, our people got their chance to shine. It was the most shocking and exciting win of the night and a win for black people all across the world. Thank you to the cast of Moonlight! Moonlight also took home the award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. Congrats! Congrats! I can’t express my love and admiration for the cast and crew of Moonlight enough. They truly inspired me to work harder towards my dreams, especially after seeing all of the black joy on stage at the Oscars. Anything is possible and they showed me that. Thank you to the cast of Moonlight again.

Check out the mixup below.

Best Animated Feature Film

Zootopia took home the award for best animated feature film. This movie may be a cartoon but it sheds light on much deeper issues like racism, stereotyping and diversity. In the movie a fox is enlisted by a bunny to help solve the case of a missing Otter. Pretty much all of the animals in Zootopia are domesticated and can live together peacefully regardless if they are predator or prey. However, when animals start to go missing and turning back into their savage ways, people’s (or animals?) true colors (fur?) begin to show. This is a great movie that can teach young kids a thing or two about human kindness and acceptance.







Best Actress
Emma Stone

Emma Stone has come a long way from her “Easy A” days. Ive always been a fan of Emma Stone. Her raspy voice and larger than life personality take over the big screen in all of her movies. The star took home the award for best actress for her acting role in the film, La La Land.







Best Actor 
Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck took home the award for best actor for his role in the film, Manchester By The Sea.






Best Supporting Actress
Viola Davis                                
Viola! My Girl! I love you! Viola Davis took home the award for best supporting actress for her role in the movie, Fences alongside fellow actor, Denzel Washington. Her acceptance speech had tears in my eyes. I absolutely loved it so much that I put it into this article. Viola Davis is the only woman to have won an Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA, Tony and now an Oscar. She is a triple threat, not to mention all of the other awards the actress has one. I am so proud of her. Check out her acceptance speech below.








Viola Davis Acceptance Speech

Best Supporting Actor
Mahershala Ali

Last night, Mahershala Ali made history becoming the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar and rightfully so because his 2016 was outstanding. From House of Cards to Luke Cage to Moonlight, Mahershala Ali is the next big thing in Hollywood. The actor and his wife just welcomed a baby girl on Friday so I know that after last night’s win they feel elated. Watch out Hollywood, Mahershala Ali’s price has definitely gone up.



Best Original Music Score
La La Land

La La Land took home the award for best original music score. The film starred Emma stone, Ryan Gosling and even John Legend!








These were all of the main winners in the major categories of the Oscars. To see a full list check it out here. I really felt a sense of black joy throughout the night of the Oscars. I pray that black entertainers continue to get the recognition they deserve for their talent. It was a good Sunday.

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