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Pastel hair colors were once reserved for only the most daring hair gurus in the fashion industry, rockstars, and celebs like Kelly Osbourne, P!nk, and Ke$ha, who have rocked colors across the rainbow including lavender, bubblegum pink, and seafoam green. Silver locks are now a thing of the past (sorry granny, you can have your hair back), but pastel hair isn’t going anywhere any time soon! For years now, we’ve seen punk rockers, high-end runway models, and the most eccentric celebs sport pastel locks throughout the fashion world and splattered across Teen Vogue, but now the mermaid meets unicorn meets Rainbow Bright trend is finally hitting the streets.

As spring weather is granting everyone with a burst of sunshine and a little extra pep in their step, more and more celebrities and everyday fashionistas are hitching a ride on the pastel hair band wagon. It was not long ago we were following Kylie Jenner’s hair revolution via Instagram from dip dyed turquoise, to full on baby blue, celadon green, and of course the softer baby pink, beach curls that drove us all wild. We certainly haven’t seen the last of Kylie’s crazy pastel shades even though she’s recently rejoined the dark side, flaunting navy blue locks. Kylie and Katy Perry, who has famously changed her (wig) hair color weekly, have been shamelessly strutting these pastel shades down Hollywood Boulevard for months, but for the everyday fashionista it takes a little extra TLC, maintenance, and dedication to achieve that perfect mermaid-esque look.

Despite the cost and potential danger you put your hair through in order to get lavender locks or baby blue strands, the outcome is well worth the damage and effort. Every mermaid look needs to start with bleaching and lifting your hair in order for the pastel color of your choice to really sink into the hair strands. If you’re looking to finally take the dive into the pastel hair deep-end, make sure you take the proper precautions in order to protect your hair as much as possible, but to enjoy the compliments and jealously of others that follows after! It’s never too late to join the rankings of great female, fashionistas (and Zayn!) wearing pastel hair; it just might be the spring change you need in order to pull your whole spring wardrobe together.




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