If you read my last article on Bali Baby the local Atlanta trap rapper then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I’m mentioning her again in regards to her latest photo shoot. However, this time around my main focus isn’t on Bali at all. In fact, I’ll be shinning a bit of light on her stylist for this shoot who goes by the name of Char’nae “not the wine” Davis.

Bali Baby 

“All of my stuff will be authentic, I’m big on that”


Char’nae Davis is a current sophomore attending Clark Atlanta University. Majoring in fashion merchandising, Char’nae has been influencing others with her wild, yet exhilarating style of fashion. Her future plans consist of releasing her own clothing line, Rara Avis, which is Latin for rare birds. “All of my stuff will be authentic, I’m big on that” stated Char’nae as she described to me the overall style for Rara Avis. Even though this is just the beginning for Char’nae and her newly birthed fashion career, it’s been a long journey just to get to the point were she’s at now.

Clarke Lau’ren

Growing up in the projects of West Tampa, Char’nae and her family struggled, at times, to keep things in the household together. Due to the lack of financial support,  Char’nae would re-construct her old clothes into new pieces and bargain shop at thrift stores in the city to help supply her fashionista desires. These desires became new life goals for her after switching high schools. “I went to Tampa Bay Technical High School my freshman year to become an ultrasound technician, but I got kicked out so I decided to attend Spoto High School for their fashion program and I’ve been in love with the fashion world since.”

When I asked how she got in contact with Bali she simply responded, “I emailed her inquiring to be her stylist, it was God’s work obviously,” stated Char’nae. Her styling in this photo shoot with Bali was much appreciated by the masses as well. However, Char’nae doesn’t consider herself to be just a stylist. “Nah, I’m a creator. Anything that I pick up whether it’s a paint brush, a sewing machine, or a camera I’m always influenced by creating something different.” Char’nae also went on to explain how she’s envisions herself as an all-around creator, showing off her versatility every chance she gets. With that being said, I began to ask who she’d want to create with next, in regards to fashion styling and she immediately responded with Keke Palmer. “I’ve always wanted to work with Keke, way before Michael began styling her.” She concluded by saying she feels that her and Keke have similar personalities, therefore they would be perfect together. After speaking with Char’nae, I could say the same myself.

It’s safe to say that with the mentality Char’nae has, she is bound to be unstoppable and limitless to all opportunities that cross her path. With just two years left at Clark Atlanta University, a clothing line on the way, and an ambitious mindset, Davis is bound to have an adventurous journey to success.


Be sure to follow Char’nae on twitter @Malu_Mars and on instagram @charnaethegreat for more dope styling along with her Rara Avis clothing line dropping soon.

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