Producer super groups are becoming more and more common in hip-hop: 808 Mafia, Organized Noize, and now BeatPluggz. If you’ve been listening to underground Atlanta music within the past 2 years I’m positive you’ve heard the “PLUG!” tag. When listening at first you wonder who the “plug” is but the beat is so mesmerizing you get lost in it. My first encounter with the group was on the songs “Fiji” by Pollari and “Smash Pt. 2” by Playboi Carti. I immediately fell in love with songs; the production is flawless and the rappers flow effortlessly on the tracks. I searched the Internet for months trying to figure who this person was, not knowing it was multiple producers.

Soon rappers were giving production credits solely to MexikoDro and Corey Lingo although the “plug” tag was in use, but there’s more to BeatPluggz. The group comprises of Corey Lingo, Polo Boy Shawty, A$att, and Stoopid Xool along with MexikoDro leading the charge. Notable artists they’ve worked with include: Playboi Carti, Young Gleesh, Trill Sammy, UnoTheActivist, Fredo Santana, Young Scooter, and many more. BeatPluggz have carved out their lane in underground hip-hop. Individually they’ve been working as hard as any producer in the game.


UnoTheActivist and MexikoDro

MexikoDro has a few hits already under his belt include: “Broke Boi” and “Don’t Tell Nobody” by Playboi Carti and “Gassed Up” by Nebu Kiniza. Dro isn’t limited to big names and hits only, he’s got work with rappers still looking for their break: Diego Money, Humble Haitian, and T Mac to name a few. Corey Lingo has done a lot of work with UnoTheActivist including the songs: “Swoop,” “New Money (Vlone Money),” and “Or Whatever.” Lingo also produced the tribute to the passed boxing legend Muhammad Ali.  The song is titled “Kash Klay” by D Savage, a new rapper from California under John Ross.

As a whole they have recently done work with Fredo Santana and Hurt Boy AG on Fredo’s Plugged In EP. There is definitely more to come from Beat Pluggz. They show a lot of progression and creativity in the music they make.


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