Around the way, around the way, I hear chitt-chatter but I can’t say exactly where the noise escapes into my mental it attempts to stay. Somewhere, someone prays against me and smile at my dismay. Around the way, the hate dwells in decay……….That’s too bad for them!Why me? How me? Which turn did I take that detoured their kindness and minds led astray? There’s an error, I suppose, common for the mediocre, for when one does not belong, they are given the cold shoulder. If I did as they do, or speak what they say, would they then stamp my approval? Would they find me okay?………….Who cares?

No, this isn’t right, what this is, is time waisted! What a headache, just a migraine caused by those who are complacent. Overwhelmed their little minds are and afraid of who might make it. Only acquainted with squares and circles, my diamond rough is too elated.

Just me, myself, and I ,they dare to manifest a bright and promising future. Their stones I catch, their energy I use, negative or positive, all inclusive. The past they wonder but for skeletons to cast, a trophy to hold as sufficient. Of all the scrambling, they come empty handed, no wisdom apart of their equipment. Around the way, around the way, the whispers are whispers and will always be whispers. We must count them out but don’t cover your ears, listen well so that your vision becomes clearer!


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