Ghost gets out of jail and things get crazier in the streets. Tommy comes close to losing his life in Chicago while things take a turn for the worst for his distro Julio back in New York. Tariq’s kidnapping causes a surprising alliance while Keisha’s actions create concern with Tasha.

Ghost attempts to get his life back on track by first rekindling his marriage with Tasha. He doesn’t get too far as Tasha refreshes his memory of the third member of their marriage and her brave gesture that led to his freedom. She doesn’t buy that Angela is completely out of their lives.

He later stops by his once promising night club Truth and runs into Stern- who has informed him that Tasha has borrowed a large sum of money from him while he was locked away. Stern warns James St.Patrick that his form of repayment would be rendered if St.Patrick partners with Stern in a new business venture involving real estate.

To make matters worsts, Ghosts run into Kanan and learns that Tariq is being held hostage for money and his cargiver is Jukebox who’s Kanan’s heartless cousin. Ghost has no money so he panics and has no choice but to get the money from Tommy’s spot. While Tommy is being held up by a drug boss in Chicago, Ghost robs his spot to secure the ransom for Tariq with Kanan as his accomplice.

Ghost pleads with Kanan to let his son go but Kanan knows that Jukebox ain’t having that. Kanan realizes that he cares for Tariq and he agrees to work with Ghost in getting his son back. Kanan kills Jukebox and takes off with the money while Ghost is left to save his son.

Meanwhile, Tommy saves his own life by smoothing things over with the drug boss while Petar isn’t so lucky. Dre arranges a meeting with the Todos Locos crew that causes Julio his life.

Imagine when Tommy returns and realizes Kanan is still alive, Ghost has robbed his spot, and his appointed distro has been murdered.

The next episode is going to be epic.


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