“Music is life itself. What’s a world without music..you know what I mean…It’s boring as hell!”

Meet 20-year old rapper Chief Armand also known as “Chiefizm” who is no rookie to the world of music. Born in Newburgh, New York  the young artist always knew music was what he wanted to pursue. Moving to Roseboro, North Carolina at the age of 12, Chief has had the best of both worlds. At the age of 14, he knew that music was what he wanted to put his heart and soul into

It took me around the age of 14 for me realize its something I wanted to pursue after feeling like I had no other emotional outlet other than playing ball.

Inspired by artist like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar, the young rapper believes that were he is from and where he grew up is solely why he started to create music. Constantly moving back and forth from NY to NC, the experience of living outside of where he is originally from molded him into the artist he is today.

Check out our extended interview below as Chief talks about his debut single “The Re-Up” and how he fuels his creativity.


Q: How did you get involved with the world of music?

A: I’ve always been involved in music in some form all throughout my life. Whether writing my first rhyme in 6th grade for fun or just growing up around it. It took me around the age of 14 for me realize its something I wanted to pursue after feeling like I had no other emotional outlet other than playing ball.

Q: What does music mean to you? 

A: Everything… just everything; the groove, the vibe, the message. Everything! You can live without a lot of things but music; no genre in particular, just MUSIC, you can’t! Music is life itself. What’s a world without music, you know what I mean? It’s boring as hell! *laughs out loud*

Q: How would you describe your sound? 

A: Um… Me… That’s the best way I can describe my sound honestly. One of the first things I was taught coming into music and learning the business going forward was, “Always stay true to yourself.” And I just basically embody that. Every song has a message and played a part someway-somehow in my life. My music is me, family, social-environment, and just everything that I’ve experienced in just 20 years of living.

Q: You recently released your latest single “The Re-Up” tell me a little bit about this track. 

A: “The Re-Up” is actually based on a real story. It’s about a talk my homie & I had. He had just got out of county and I was on the verge of moving out of the neighborhood. First verse, I rhyme as him showing his motivation and hunger to better his life whether legally or illegally. Second verse, is me, explaining how rap is my only way out while shedding light on my brother’s past situation that has him doing 20 years behind bars.

Q: You’ve also been performing live throughout NYC, how did it feel performing live for the first time? 

A: NYC is dope. I’m from NY so I know what it has to offer but you never know how you’ll be received in NYC ’cause it’s almost a whole different animal of people and what they like. But, I’ve survived so far. *laughs out loud*

Q: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

A: The only two artists I truly get excited about for inspiration are J. Cole and Kendrick. But, if you have good music then I’m inspired regardless.

Q: Do you think where you’re from has a lot to do with your sound and some of your lyrics? 

A: Where I’m from and where I’ve been has everything to do with my music. I’m from Newburgh, NY but moved to Roseboro, NC when I was 12. I’ve been back and forth all of my teen years and even now. It’s the reason I started creating music and having that experience of living outside of where i’m originally from has made me the man and artist I am today.

Q: Where do you gain your inspiration when it comes to writing new music?

A: I have no definite answer for that, honestly. I could be in a slump creatively and just walk to the store or anywhere and just in that time to myself to enjoy a break from the music inspires me to create more music. I guess, you can say the time taken from music is what inspires me to create new music.

Q: If you could do a collaboration with anyone in the industry who would it be?

A: It’s so many to name. Miss Badu herself is at the top of my list. I love her and I always will. My brand, “CHIEFIZM” is from her first album, “Baduizm.” My first major album wouldn’t be complete if she isn’t anywhere on it.

Q: Are their any upcoming projects we can look forward to? 

A: I’ve been working on a two-part project. First half, drops this summer. There’s no set date just yet. I have one in mind but i’m constantly working on it to make sure it’s EXACTLY how I want it to be. It definitely touches on the place I’ve been emotionally and mentally so yeah, it’s a cleansing for me so i’m excited.

Q: Ideally, where do you see yourself in the next 4 years? 

A: In 4 years, music aside, I see myself creating a platform for not only me but people I grew up with and people who’ve supported me thus far to achieve more. I’d love to be in my own crib with my lady, putting out great music, and venturing off outside of music to other things like directing and acting and just creating opportunities for myself and others…and, ultimately being closer to God, honestly.

Q: What’s next for Chief Armand? 

A: More music, videos, and more shows all summer. I’m gonna shoot around August for the release of my project.

Q: How can people stay up to date with you and your music?

A: My latest single, “The Re-Up” can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, anywhere music is sold. Follow me on instagram and twitter: @Chiefizm . My soundcloud as well, “Chief Armand” .

Check out Chief’s latest single “The Re-Up”

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