This is certainly not the first time Freelancer Magazine has seen the name Macahl Jett. Since the last time she was featured she’s been working diligently. For those who don’t know Macahl, here’s an introduction. She’s a Houston-bred singer who attends the University of North Texas. She has developed quite the fan base at UNT’s campus as she’s released projects and performed Texas wide. She also won Best Female Artist at Spring Ball, an event celebrating the excellence of UNT students. The most anticipated project she had been working on for several months is PINK PINEAPPLES. She released it in July of this summer which is available on all sites, but soon to be Soundcloud. Through this project, she has collaborated with multiple artists and producers. Names such as Potillo, who produced majority of the album. Kris Minor, who produced the ICONIC track Love U (Unconditionally). Also, multi instrumentalist, JeMarcus Bridges who contributes more than just chord progressions here and there, but truly orchestrates the vibe Macahl is looking for. One of the hits of the album, ICEY LIFE has a video with close to 1,000 views shot by Ciara Boniface featuring Troy Garrick. Her stage presence is undeniable as others have seen this as she’s performed at numerous venues. Also, as her artistry has grown, she’s been featured on numerous blogs/sites such as Say Cheese TV, Premier Blog, Urban Time, Tweak Heavy, The New Yuth, and yours truly Freelancer Magazine. Furthermore, as all of this has come together, she’s used her influence to take her talents multiple places. She even started a College tour fund via GoFundMe to travel to other campuses to perform which has raised 2,005 out of 5,000 dollars! There’s no telling where else you will see the name Macahl Jett, but I can guarantee it will go far!


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