As the saying goes, “the world just got a little less funnier”.
Today we lost a great actor, comedian, and prominent figure among the black comedy scene.

This one hurts.

Charlie Murphy lost his battle with Leukemia today. According to his manager, Murphy died in a New York City hospital. He was only 57.

Charlie Murphy rose to fame after he started to write and act on The Chappelle Show. Murphy’s “True Hollywood Stories” skit on The Chappelle show are some of the greatest skits of all time, don’t argue it is fact. Forever changing the way comedians do sketch comedy and stand up, Charlie Murphy left his staple on the entertainment industry. Many black actors looked up to him. He wasn’t afraid to have gritty, truthfully hilarious skits. He gave us a voice in the entertainment world and for that I’m sure Black Hollywood will forever be grateful. He also starred in The Boondocks, CB4, The Players Club and many other movies and shows.

Several celebrities took to Twitter to express their disbelief and condolences:


George Lopez, a close friend and collaborator of Charlie Murphy switched his twitter profile and header to a pic of the stars (HOLDS BACK TEARS). Lopez posted numerous messages about Charlie Murphy on Instagram:


Eerily enough, one of Charlie Murphy’s last tweets was interpreted by fans as his final goodbye.

It is possible that Charlie Murphy knew that his time was coming soon since he was actively fighting leukemia but I don’t want to even get into any of that mess. I want to appreciate the life of such a great comedian. I always got giddy seeing Charlie Murphy in a movie because I just KNEW he would be funny. His death is one I just can’t take..

But, now we take a look back at some of the outlandishly funny scenes he has done in his career.

If you didn’t know that Charlie Murphy was the voice of Ed Wuncler from The Boondocks, then you do now. Ed Wuncler was the stereotypical white person that wants to be black. In most episodes Ed is always doing some kind of scheme to land him and his brother, Rummy, in trouble. Here’s one of my favorite Ed Wuncler scenes with him and Rummy are trying to navigate the world of new technology.

“True Hollywood Stories”
Another iconic Charlie Murphy performance was when he did a one of his “True Hollywood Stories” skit on The Chappelle Show based off of Rick James.

Roll Bounce
Another favorite. This scene is from, Roll Bounce (One of the last great movies of the 2000s).

Meet the Blacks
Charlie Murphy played one of the men trying to purge Mike Epps in the horror paraod of the purge, Meet The Blacks.

Black Jesus
Vic is enlisting the help of Lloyd to spy on Black Jesus

We will love and miss you. Thank you for making the world a little bit brighter.

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