The Head and the Heart has released that their third album, Signs of Light, will be available September 9. Their new album, signed with Warner Bros. Records, has been highly anticipated since the release of their lead single from the album “All We Ever Knew” in June.

With modest roots, The Head and the Heart had its beginnings in Seattle Washington. The band is made up of Josiah Johnson and Jonathan Russell (vocals, guitar, percussion), along with  Tyler Williams (drums), Chris Zasche (bass), Kenny Hensley (piano), and Charity Rose Thielen (violin, banjo, vocals). The band, consisting of the six musicians, has gone from selling self burned CDs at open-mic-nights in Seattle to releasing albums that top the charts and touring internationally.

The Head and the Heart’s new lead single, “All We Ever Knew” from Signs of Light has quickly become a catchy and well known tune since its release in June. The lead single is easily paving the way for the rest of the album. “All We Ever Knew” is the first we’ve heard from Warner Bros. Music’s production of The Head and the Heart, and it could be said that there is a new pop inspired element in the lead single that is seldom found in The Head and the Heart’s earlier songs. Although the band is principally an indie-folk group, their new lead single handles more as a radio hit with less of the underground, raw indie quality such as that found in “Rivers and Roads” from their first album released in 2011.

The evolution of The Head and the Heart’s sound is apparent in their new lead single, “All We Ever Knew,” although the song was first hashed out during the production of their second album, Let’s Be Still, in 2013. “All We Ever Knew” loses aspects of The Head and the Heart’s earlier music, however, there is a clear evolution to their sound, as they adapt from purely percussive acoustics to a more layered and modern tone. There is much excitement for the release of Signs of Light in September, and the complete thirteen tracks that we have yet to hear in succession.

Here’s the track list for the new album:

  1.  All We Ever Knew
  2. City of Angels
  3. Rhythm & Blues
  4. False Alarm
  5. Dreamer
  6. Library Magic
  7. Turn It Around
  8. Colors
  9. Take a Walk
  10. Oh My Dear
  11. I Don’t Mind
  12. Your Mother’s Eyes
  13.  Signs of Light

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