Though the main single is “We Don’t Have to Dance”, when at an Andy Black show along his Homecoming Tour, that’s really all you can do. On Monday May 23rd, Andy Biersack, most commonly known as the lead singer of the rock group Black Veil Brides, began the U.S leg of his solo project The Shadow Side in Baltimore Maryland, and I was lucky enough to be there.  The show centered around Blacks new album, with the majority of the music played being of that variety. Though it was a change in sound, the show stayed true to Blacks signature style – a tightknit show in which all feel poignantly included and where every moment is just as enjoyable as the last.

What really makes the show is the inclusivity. Where most singers and bands do only a few little sections of interaction with their fans during the times when they need a break for air or water, or to simply just waste a little time, Black rather indulges breaks in-between songs as a way to really connect with his audience. Instead of the usual concert set-up where normally when one song ends another one follows straight after, Black instead take the time to talk to his audience. It’s a really great feeling, as an audience member or as an Andy Black fan, as it truly makes you feel very present and in the moment. From describing his inspirations for new material to heartfelt dedications to simply joking around with the audience – each interlude was just as engaging as the last. Best of all it’s all him, all his natural personality and energy, which completely dictates the entirety of the show. There is no aspect that feels staged or forced, or stale. It’s all sincere, which makes it all the more amazing to be a part of.

Also the covers were great – positioned perfectly in the midst of his Shadow Side material.  He had three total covers, each of which were perfectly aimed as someone who may not have been completely invested in his Andy Black material. The first cover was that of one of his childhood idols, Billy Idols “Dancing with Myself”, which really added a nice layer for all of the parents or people who were not there for him, but rather were there for simply music. It was also a good way to get everyone into the dancing spirit, as some of the songs, though pop enthused, did have a bit of a darker side to them – which made starting off strong pivotal to keeping the energy high. The second was an Alkaline Trio cover, of the song “Time to Waste”, which was a great way to draw in rock enthusiasts who may have been a fan of the genre but not necessarily a fan of him. And finally there was one which could be argued as not a cover, yet still a cover in the sense that it was with a different band, was the song “Savior” by his other group Black Veil Brides. Now this was a great way to tie in what he is known for to his new project, and was also a subtle message to qualm fans fears by reminding them that this is a side project, and has no effect on BVB.

In the end, the show could not have gone better, pumping up the audience for everything that Black has yet to come. Promising new Black Veil Brides music was on its way and more Andy Black projects would be set to come in the future – the encompassing vibe of the show proved that no matter what he was doing, his fans were behind him. A vibe that was just as potent to the crowd as it was to Black, who displayed pure and unfiltered gratitude towards the following he has behind him. Whether a fan of him, or simply music in general, Andy Black is happy to have you along for the ride.



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