Clayton County, AKA Jurassic Park, has been exploding on the underground Atlanta hip-hop scene. In December I brought to you Everything Gwaluh and his new tape Gatman and Robbin. This week I bring Big Smoke Chapo and his new EP 20/20 Vision. As Gwaluh did Chapo brings the edgy, cut throat feel to his music. He represents his side of Atlanta to a T. 20/20 Vision is 5 songs long with no features and produced by Quantum Flush. Make no mistake about this EP, there are may only be 5 songs but the versatility makes it feel like twice that. He starts out flexing and finessing but ends in prayer.

The second song “Trust Issues” details what’s real about his trap life. The hook reads, “Homicide, mama cry/ Keep a pistol when I ride (3x)/ I cannot trust my bro, I do not trust no bitch (2x).” Out there in the streets things can often get only. People you never thought would change sell you out for a piece of change. I’ve witnessed this switch up and it’s a devastating blow. You say to yourself that no matter what happens you will at have this one person there for you, and then everything changes. You turn paranoid and think everyone’s out to get you and maybe you’re right, but it’s scarier to be right. Then one day you decide to put down the pistol and pick up the pencil. This is where many rappers find themselves. Now they’re breaking through the initial gangster rap mold and becoming true musicians and artists.

A lot of rappers in the game now are much more creative when it comes to their work. “Trap Nigga Prayer” shows this artistry from Chapo. He moves past the trap life and talks more about his next life (not afterlife but how he’s living post trap life). The hook is very insightful and moving. It reads, “Ancestors can you watch over me/ Cause I’m goin brazy in these muhf*ckin streets/ I know I’m doing wrong but you know I gotta eat/ If I don’t get this money who the f*ck gone feed me?” A lot of those that live the trap life do so not out of choice or material wants, but out of necessity. Some people still don’t want to understand that in 2017.

20/20 Vision receives a 8/10 from us at Freelancer. It’s available on SoundCloud to stream.

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