At a show in late 2016 Chief Keef expressed the gripes he has with the new wave of hip –hop and he’s tired. Tired of the flexing, tired of the fakes, and tired of the rap weirdos. He vowed for a comeback in 2017 and has stayed true to that promise. On January 1st the GBE head honcho returned to the scene with his mixtape Two Zero One Seven.  Four years removed from his culture shifting album Finally Rich, Keef was quiet in 2016. In this tape he nostalgically looks back on his life since leaving the streets behind. His progression is very noticeable from his 2013 mixtapes Bang, Part 2 and Almighty So.  He starts 2017 with 17 songs with 2 features from Tadoe and production from Lex Luger, Young Chop, LeekeLeek, and himself.

When Keef first started producing I immediately thought, “Oh lord ANOTHER rapper stepping out of his element.” So far, and especially on this tape, Sosa has been proving me wrong. His production growth is prominent on the tracks “Falling On The Floor,” “Check,” “Dope Smokes,” and “Go.” He’s finding his production lane without sounding like other hardcore trap/street producers; his infectious hit “Faneto” already set the tone back in 2014. His new producer tag “Turbo” while surprising fits because of the energy his production brings.

Bringing the same energy with rapping, he gives us a few anthems in the tracks, “Reefah,” “Check,” “Go,” and “Dope Smokes.” On “Reefah” and “Dope Smokes” Chief Keef reminds you to smoke up. Flashing back to when he was 16, before the rapping, Keef worked the block and apparently people forgot. “When I was 16, I was on the front wit a nina/ Up in the field while you was up in the bleachers.” It’s been a while since that time and he’s had a ton of success and continues to flex since he’s returned from being on tour. On “Check” Keef gives some motivation music and encourages listeners to “be all about ya check.” He’s starting extend his sound past street music pertaining to being active on the block. He’s more centralized around stacking up money and living his life.

Listen to Two Zero One Seven on Apple Music and determine whether you agree with our 8/10.


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